1. Yup. Finally he kept a campaign promise.
    Oh, mercy! Look at this word verification:


    It’s so tempting to get creative with that one but my better judgment says “don’t go there!”

  2. If you mean DADT repeal, I guess I am more grateful to the republican Senator who crossed the aisle to make it go through. Mr. Obama sat on his butt saying he would sign the bill, they put theirs’ on the line to make it possible.

    Never thought I would be grateful that my State sent Mark Kirk to the Senate, but there it is!


  3. Thanks for mentioning it, MP. Amazing how the public forgets the
    accomplishments and goes on to the next thing to yell about. We are a forgetful people at times.

  4. You are correct, MP; the President cannot initiate legislation. He could have done away with DADT by Executive Order but knew it would be infinitely better to have it done by an act of Congress after a thorough study and debate. By the time the vote came, the data were in from the various hearings and the Pentagon’s study, and the arguments were clear. That is, the argument for keeping DADT were shown up as completely threadbare and ridiculous, as well as unjust and boneheaded.

  5. MadPriest, I do believe that you have a crush on Obama.

    You are not to worry. We will give our president due applause when he signs the bill this week. The DADT repeal is not the law yet. Hey! I’ll even post a purty picture for you.

  6. Well, he is cuter than Bush. Heck, he’s even cuter than Hilary Clinton. And, at least, you all hate him for what he hasn’t done. That’s an improvement on your last president who you all hated because of what he had done.

  7. Well, he is cuter than Bush. Heck, he’s even cuter than Hilary Clinton. And, at least, you all hate him for what he hasn’t done. That’s an improvement on your last president who you all hated because of what he had done.

  8. MadPriest, I heard you the first time.

    For the record, I do not hate Obama. He is what I thought he would be as a president, which is why he was not my first choice.

    He is cuter than Bush and a vast improvement as president, which is not saying much. Nevertheless, when Obama disappoints, I will not hesitate to speak out, nor will I hesitate to give him his due when he signs the repeal into law.

    And don’t underestimate the pressure of the court as motivation to get Congress to move ahead.

  9. Yes, he’s cuter and far more intelligent! We citizens of the USA seem to forget that campaign promises and what can actually get done really aren’t often the same. I do want to apply a shoe to Pres. Obama’s behind when he goes on about bipartisanship, though, and why he doesn’t get that what Republicans say about denying him any cooperation is their only intent, is beyond my understanding.

    I did enjoy watching Sen. McCain’s hissy fit! I think he’s definitely losing what marbles he had.

  10. Hear, hear.

    A few weeks before the election, Obama invited gay leaders to the White House for a strategy session on DADT repeal in the lameduck.

    You should have HEARD the bitchy at Joe.My.God howl about how the invited were sell-outs (“giving Obama a bj” was a common metaphor), and the Obama was never-never-NEVER going to deliver on ANY of his promises.

    Now, there have been a FEW people over there who’ve come forward and said “I was wrong about Obama and DADT” . . . but for the most part, there has been the {Sound of crickets. Crickets under the snow}

    As for the budget deal . . . I HATE it. But Dems are DELUDED if they think Obama could have got anything better. Look at the unemployment comp part: *13* months. Not 14—not 24! (like the tax extension). If 13 isn’t a figure determined by ***what they could get***, I don’t know what is.

    The House goes ReThuglican in January. That’s the Cold, Hard, Reality.

    We have to deal w/ it . . . and WORK to turn it around! Pie-in-the-sky fantasies of “if Obama just stood up to them” AREN’T going to get it done.

  11. Much as I choke on the thought, the thanks is likely due to Sen. Joseph Lieberman (the DINOsaur).

    Obama – not much credit there, esp. in light of his complete and total cave on granting continued tax cuts for the extreme rich.

    IMHO – all that really differs between Obama and Bush – one is able to read a teleprompter and sound intelligent. Both appear to rely much too heavily on their behind the scenes henchmen – which is why the “change we can believe in” line is such a joke. We might as well have elected Hillary as we are currently seeing the reincarnation of the Clinton White House.

  12. It was the Democrat voters’ almost immediate reversal to a martyr mentality after Obama moved into the White House (I think they actually enjoy it or don’t know how to live as winners) that led to the republican victories in the recent elections. And, of course, it’s win win for them. Now that the Republicans will be setting the agenda again, the Democrat supporters can feel even more victimised. Ooh! Woody Allen is our god! Spank me!

  13. I’m of (surprise!) two minds on this, MP.

    1) We Dems, a lot of us, ARE martyrs. We’re barely fecking hanging on, even in the BEST of times. On the RARE occasions when a Dem gets elected—via our hard work—we say “Can you please deal with this sh*t—all of it—now? (I’d really like to enjoy my One Day Off!)” [You just can’t work “8 Days a Week”, and then, after a winning an election, kick it up to 9. Your.Wad.Wot.Done.Gone.Shot.]

    2) We’re Always Going to Lose.

    This is, partly, the human condition (or, theologically, The Fall).

    Politically, it’s that we can’t ever WIN/WIN, without becoming our enemies in every way that matters.

    To WIN, you have to Go-For-The-Kill . . . and voila’!, we’re ReThuglicans.

    So this is the Perennial (US) American Pattern: ReThuglicans get 10-20 years, to FUBAR EVERYTHING.

    Then, and ONLY then (when the Everything’s at Rock Bottom), Democrats get 2-4 years (maybe 8, if the Prez triangulates—which functionally makes him/her ReThuglican Lite), w/ ReThuglicans kicking&screaming&obstructing&threatening (See re “We Came Unarmed—This Time!”) the entire time. They make it IMPOSSIBLE for the Dems to get much done . . . for which the DEMS are punished. [What good the Dems DID get done, will only be apparent after…]


    We Dems don’t win . . . because we CAN’T (and stay Dems). That’s not a “Martyr Mentality”. That’s Life . . . “while the Lord tarry.”

    And on that fatalistic note: back to work! (in my case, not compensated!)

  14. I get what you are saying, JCF. I just wonder if the recent elections would have been different if the Democrats had not been so negative about their own man. To me, it looks like you did most of the Republicans work for them. And the speed at which you started criticising Obama was incredible. In England we tend to give new prime ministers a couple of years before we really start going for the throat. Of course, having all our MPs elected at the same time, including the prime minister means our governments have a lot more time before the next election so they can do things more slowly and we have got used to being patient as we wait to be disappointed.