1. I suppose every blogger is permitted a bit of embellishment from time to time, but the leap from my my daily shower to a water shortage in Scotland seems to move into a different category than embellishment. Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it, because Ellie takes my side. She’s a nun, and I learned at quite a young age that Sister is always right.

  2. That’s actually a Scottish road in the photos. In the top photo it’s got flooded from the rain (it rains a lot here in the UK in case no one has mentioned this before). In the bottom photo you can see all the bitumen has been ripped off it, due to MadChauffeur having revved his car all over the place like some hot rod king in an effort to impress his two female passengers. He tore the surface off most of the roads we travelled on, even though most of the time we were driving on two wheels, like James Bond.

    I think he may have helped with the red wine consumption too, in fact rather more than Mimi, truth be told. She was quite abstemious (except for the single malts).

  3. Alas, Cathy, the poor Scottish roads and nearby shrubbery took a beating, indeed. And les petits drames, including generous hand gestures, whenever we met another vehicle on the one-lane roads – the ever-enthralling Alphonse and Gaston routines – distracted from the fact that our driver had only one hand on the wheel for much of the time on the treacherous roads.

  4. I would think following Mad Priest’s visit the necessary road repairs will leave the Scottish economy struggling for a long time. Also I think they’re probably still trying to clear the road kill.

    Mimi and I, of course, inflicted no such damage on lovely Skye. Did we, Mimi?

  5. Rubbish! I didn’t spend enough time on the actual road to cause any damage.

    Too true. The off-the-road kill, the ruined shrubbery, and the damaged tree trunks – yes, I remember them well.

  6. Mimi and I, of course, inflicted no such damage on lovely Skye. Did we, Mimi?

    Cathy, we did not.

    As to the loo stops, yes that is true, MadPriest.

    At least, we didn’t drive near enough to Glastonbury for you to inflict damage on the Holy Thorn Tree before it was destroyed by vandals.

  7. The Glastonbury Thorn actually could have been destroyed by Mad Priest’s driving. It’s the butterfly effect. He drove so fast he caused a tornado in the West Country that ripped all the branches off the tree.