Mrs MP and MadPriest went to see this film last Sunday and we are sure glad that we did. It's a definite contender for cult status. Obviously made on a tight budget it relies on good, old fashioned story telling and a really nasty sense of humour to raise itself above the usual cinematic schmaltz that's put out at this time of year.

Basically, if you prefer to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Bad Santa" rather than "Miracle On 34th. Street" and "It's A Wonderful Life," then get yourself down to your nearest art cinema and catch this film before it disappears into obscurity. I promise that it will get you into the true spirit of Christmas - Bah! Humbug!

Oh, and if you have young children, I strongly suggest that you smuggle them into the cinema (in England it is a 15 cert.) and make them watch it. I doubt that you will get any misbehaviour out of them from then to Christmas Eve, and probably not for the rest of their childhoods.




  1. Finnish movies at their finest! Not since Renny Harlin directed Die Hard 3 has a Finn done anything like this. But, of course, he had slightly bigger resources at the time…

    There are other kinds of movies coming out of Finland, as well, by the way.

    But who cares! V*tun hyvää joulua! Merry f*cking X-mas!

  2. I have seen many fine, but always slightly weird Finnish films, Karl. I have certainly seen more enjoyable Finnish films than enjoyable Swedish, Danish or Norwegian films. I use the word “enjoyable” in case I am accused of ignoring Bergman.

  3. Oh my goodness. I started clicking links and completely fell in for over an hour. I discovered some of the early short films on You Tube that led up to this feature. The whole concept is fascinating. If you p.o. Father Christmas, lumps of coal would be the least of your worries.

  4. YES!!!

    I’m glad someone else has taken note of this movie.

    Go on YouTube and you’ll find the original short film series this was derived from – the same delightfully nasty sense of humor!

    I haven’t seen it yet, and doubt I will get the chance to before it’s on dvd but I love a dangerous Father Christmas – he is magic, after all, and elves are just . . . awful creatures in mythology, especially Nordic and Celtic mythology.

  5. Be sure to go to the movie website and watch the Rare Exports Safety Instructions short film. It is very well done and hilarious to boot, especially if you have a sick mind…..

  6. Saints be praised! The sucka is playing in Dallas as we speak. My joy knows no bounds…..:-)