Oh, yes. Do listen to this.
It's sick and it is right up your alleys.




Subscriptions so far = $54.85 per month

I have added a subscription button. This is for those who wish to donate a fixed amount each month. I have put up a few options but if you wish to donate a different amount to those suggested, please drop me an email stating the figure and I will add your amount to the list of options. At the moment you have to have a PayPal account of your own to use this feature. If you would like to donate through PayPal by debit or credit card, without having to set up a PayPal account, please let me know. If it is worthwhile I will pay the small monthly premium that PayPal charge for this facility.

If the monthly subscriptions ever reached a total of $1000 I would look for a part time, house for duty, parish post (3 days a week) and devote the rest of my time to my blog ministry. I promise I am not stating this to pressurise you into donating (I am happy to go back into full time parish ministry). It's just something that would effect my decision should it happen.

As so many of you had already contributed to the appeal before I put up the subscription facility I expect I won't get an accurate idea of how popular it will be until next month.

You may still, of course, send in your donations as one offs using the Donation button.

Another way to help me is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. Details of how to do this can be found in the right hand sidebar.

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