When it comes to taste in music, and I'm painting with very broad brush strokes here, gay men fall into two distinct categories - those who love high-brow classical music and those who love really tacky disco music. If you fall into the latter category, you are going to thoroughly enjoy the following selection of tunes. If you fall into the former category then you are going to hate them. As for the rest of you, it all depends on how you misspent your youth. If, like me, it was dancing in sweaty nightclubs (Hi, Lois!) then you are with the gay boys with the low brow taste in music and you will love it all. Personally, I think this is one of the best mixes I have ever put together and the first track is probably my favourite record of the year. Yes, I know it's kitsch, but kitsch performed brilliantly, as it is here, is heaven itself, darlings.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Hannah Jones (pictured below right)
Blackbird Song  - Duptribe Featuring Ben Cocks
Let Her Feel It - Simplicious
Far Away - Oceana (pictured below left)
Sweet Love - Mellow Makers Featuring Tasos F
The Love Of You - Black Sauce Featuring Selina Campbell (pictured above)



  1. It is of course possible to love both high-brow classical music and tacky disco, even if you’re not a gay man, Mad Priest 🙂

  2. I love all kinds of music within reason. Occasionally something or other sets my teeth on edge. I liked this mix very much.

  3. Love it! When I used to sing in my parish choir, a few of us used to sing old Supremes songs in the robing room. We’d be given what I believe is known to theologians as the Stink-Eye from a couple of the more deeply and importantly talented members. So after a while, you just have to take pride in being who you are.

    (My word is “garle” – as in, I enjoy being one?)