He's gotten a little paunchy and he's quite spoiled. But Gus the orange church cat helps lift parishioners' spirits and keeps them entertained, say his closest friends at St. John's Episcopal Church.

He's a vocal greeter, patient playmate for small children, and is gentle to a fault, says Jennifer Adams, part-time secretary at the 150-plus-year-old Marysville institution.

"They'd have to get rid of me before they ever gave Gus away," Adams said.

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  1. I wonder if there is a consitutive need for orange cats to lie on their backs for tummy rubs. Bubba-the-Cat also enjoys that.

  2. 🙁

    I’ve actually met this priest (Dori Torrey): she used to be an assistant at my parents’ parish.

    Very Kewt Kitteh . . . but I’m so sorry for St Mary’s, and Pastor Dori.

    These tough times we’re in, SUCK (in the Diocese of Northern California, among other places).

  3. Cathy, you’d not love the vicious s*d that next door have just let loose on the surrounding area (i.e. just us and our two Siamese). He was living rough in the nearby town over last winter, so next door’s adult offspring thoughtfully rehomed him here, and now we (and our Siamese) have to live with his extreme violence. Big cute ball of fluffy orangeness that he is.

  4. Oh dear Jonathan. In fact I had a friend whose cat was terrorised by two huge orange cats that were siblings and exerted brutish control over the neighbourhood like a pair of old-style gangsters. Maybe it’s characteristic? …

  5. Not slow, cats. They are remarkably good at working out who in their surroundings will pander to them the most outrageously and how they can mine that for all it’s worth. They work these things out within seconds. It is very endearing, in its own cat way.

  6. Oh Mad Priest, of course you’re not frightened!! Heavens above 🙂

    I wish I was frightening. I feel it would probably come in extremely useful in life. 🙁

  7. Gus is such a sweet-seeming boy, and doing an important job as well. I think some cats (as some dogs) are inherently therapeutic – I know they are for me!

    Thanks for the shout-out on the Mr. Cat pic – he’s far more self centered and self-satisfied than Gus appears to be, but we derive a lot of benefit from him despite his less noble intentions!