A primary school teacher took her own video recorder into class - and accidentally showed a porn film to pupils. The teacher planned to use her machine to show an educational programme to her class of ten-year-olds. But when she turned it on, X-rated scenes on a tape left in the player flashed up.

The teacher hurriedly turned it off. But four children were exposed to "inappropriate material", Devon County Council admitted.

The teacher has been disciplined.

THE SUN has, helpfully, posted a photograph of the unnamed teacher.



  1. Oh dear, dear, dear. Poor teacher.

    Once (quite some years ago) I was teaching a unit on Shakespeare in April (in honor of the Bard’s birthday, of course) and I was telling the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What I meant to say was “Puck, the fairy” but what I inadvertently said instead was “F**k the pairy.” Oh, the gasps that went up! I was sure I was in big trouble. But not one of the students told on me!

  2. Actually, MadPriest, that was in my pre-nun days. As I said not too long ago, I wasn’t always a nun!

    (BUT I like to think even then that I somehow transmitted the message that I ought not to be messed with!)


  3. BUT I like to think even then that I somehow transmitted the message that I ought not to be messed with!

    If I ever meet Desmond Tutu I’m going to ask him for the truth about Ellie Finlay.

  4. Thanks, David. You know I was just waiting for some smart-ass kid to say, “So who’s Pairy, Ms Finlay???” But I think they were all so shocked it just shut them up totally!

    Oh, no, MadPriest! Not Desmond! Yep, he’s knows me pretty well (but then, I know him pretty well too!)

  5. A piece by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian this week mentions YouTube footage of some unfortunate youth pastor attempting to give a sermon about Lot in the Old Testament. The pastor tries to say Lot “pitched his tents” next to Sodom and Gomorrah, only it emerges as “pinched his tits”.

    Of course, Lot may have pinched his tits next to Sodom and Gomorrah – who knows?

  6. A former rector tells the tale of a lay reader who was reading the Old Testament passage from Genesis 23 about buying the cave from the Hittites as a grave for Sarah. Unfortunately, this gentleman mispronounced Hittites (High-titties) throughout the whole reading. As you know, the word Hittites appears several times in the passage. It became almost unbearable for the congregation as it would come up again and again. No one could look anyone in the face. At the end when he said, “The word of the Lord.” Our rector said the, “Thanks be to God,” was possibly the loudest response he has ever heard to any reading.

  7. the best verbal misstep by a lector I have experienced:
    Wisdom 3:4
    “their hope is full of immorality”

  8. A teacher did to her class show
    A rude and nude, “porn” video
    But she stopped the tape short
    When she just should have taught
    ‘bout the “birds and the bees” so they’d know.

    Don’t encourage me, Mad One!