* Actually, I've checked and they are not necessarily humanists (although I expect some of them are). They are atheists. Humanism is something completely different. I'm a humanist as is my good blogging buddy, the heathen, Gurdur (may God have mercy on his soul). A humanist is for humanity, not against religion. Both religious and non-religious humanists are against those aspects of religion which lessen human dignity although we may argue about what those particular aspects are. The exclusive use of the word "humanist" by atheists is exactly the same in aggression and the manipulation of the English language as would be the exclusive use of the word "morality" by religionists.


The Rt Rev John Davies, Bishop of the Church in Wales diocese of Swansea and Brecon, said outspoken atheists had “little grasp” of how stories told in the Bible came about, adding: “One of the great falsehoods perpetrated by the aggressive atheist lobby is that our faith is without foundation and that, in effect, it’s all made up.”

In his annual Christmas message he said: “That lobby quite deliberately times some of its most vociferous outbursts to coincide with two of the church’s greatest festivals, Christmas and Easter.

“Dealing with the Gospel stories in which these events are reflected, they trumpet that ‘things like that couldn’t have happened’. Quite evidently, and perhaps because they have little grasp of how and when those stories came to be recorded, they miss a point and overlook the fact that the faith is rooted in the experiences of real people, living witnesses, whose words were distilled, crystallised and developed into the stories which we possess and treasure. If one version of a particular story varies from another, we should not be bothered or concerned. If, in a strict sense, the stories are deemed not to be historically true in each and every detail, it does not mean that they do not convey truth, the most profound truth.”

Julian Bennett, secretary of Cardiff Humanists, who describe themselves as a group of atheists, agnostics and non-religious free thinkers, said not all atheists were aggressive or calling for Christmas carols to be banned.

He said: “The humanist view is to call for change not through aggression but by peaceful persuasion and democratic means. We object to faith schools, for instance, because things like sex education are based on religious beliefs not the best health interests of children. But we would never object to people’s right to hold religious beliefs or to celebrate festival like Christmas.

COMMENT: Well, thank you Mr. Bennett. You have proved the bishop's allegations in one sentence. Atheists may want to get rid of faith schools (a view they are very much entitled to) but, in stead of telling the truth regarding their motivations which may not be popular, they tell lies which they think will be more enthusiastically received.

In England and Wales, sex education is part of health education which is part of the national curriculum. The subject is taught from a scientific standpoint. For example, no Church of England school teaches that gay relationships are wrong (heck, it's not even supposed to part of Anglican doctrine in my country). In fact, I very much doubt that there is any difference in emphasis on morality in the teaching of sexual health between C. of E. and secular schools (and, I expect the schools attached to the Church in Wales). Both Christian and secular teachers of this subject will base any value judgements totally on respect for self and others.

But, as the bishop points out, militant atheists have little regard for the truth but prey on the general public's uninformed prejudices. Shame on them! Perhaps I am wrong and atheists are not capable of living a moral life.

There is nothing that MadPriest would like to see more than the coming together of real humanists (religious and atheistic) to fight the lies and misinformation peddled by anger filled religious organisations and their atheistic counterparts.



  1. The best pedants know that they have nothing to be humble about, MP.

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