Ma Latest
She will be moved to a kind of holding facility to prepare for transfer to rehab. She still needs to get her strength back. I'm told that her mental state is improving, though she still has occasional difficulty recognizing people and remembering where she is.


From JCF:

Pray for the repose of the soul of Elizabeth Edwards (I mentioned she was in hospice yesterday) who did, indeed, die today. 🙁

Truly, a great woman, and an inspiration to so many. Lord, send comfort to her young children.



  1. Prayers, indeed, for the repose of the soul of Elizabeth. Comfort for all who loved and cared for her.

    Earnest prayers for Counterlight’s mother.

  2. Prayers ascending for Counterlight and family.

    For Mrs. Edwards, may she rest in peace and rise in glory.


  3. An update –

    Thankfully I have not had to endure the agony of extracting two molars, including an impacted upper wisdom tooth with an abscess. The maxillofacial surgeon disagreed with his wife’s interpretation of the panoramic x-ray and felt that what she thought was an abscess, was a shadow.

    So he poked and prodded and has diagnosed acute inflammation of the TMJs (temporomandibular joint). As well as possible arthritis in the one which was damaged years ago when I was slugged three times in the mouth during a robbery in the USA. They took a mold of my teeth and made a mouth guard that I must wear day & night for awhile.

    I also have a regimen to follow during use of the guard, including; a bland, soft diet, massage over the joints with analgesic cream, hot and cold packs and avoidance of pain medication. That last one has been the hardest, as at times I would have just rather had the kindness of shooting me in the head! (Damn, but if they did not hide my guns!) But I made it through from last Thursday and can report almost no pain at all today.

    I still have a broken lower molar that will need a root canal, post and crown, plus an upper molar with a fractured filling that will need a minimum of replacing the filling, but perhaps also a root canal, post and crown. But they can wait a week or two. I am hoping that the impacted wisdom molar will not need extracting if it does not have an abscess, but I am taking an antibiotic to prepare for the root canal(s) and anything else that the future of my mouth may hold.

    This was all a great relief to my family, and thank the Lord that they did not all pack up and come to Monterrey. That would have just added to the stress and distress that I was in by having them all here, with me the center of attention, and all of them fussing about me.

    As it is, Alexa & Guiermo did get some late Fall peaches and black cherries and made me 2 liters of medicinal homemade ice cream. And Alex has been the loving nephew and was here all weekend to help with whatever I needed.

    Thank you for your prayers and continued prayers. It is a grace-filled blessing to sense the prayers of the whole company of saints on one’s behalf.