About 50 animal rights activists, representing the number of animals that it takes to make a fur coat and covered in red paint, have staged a naked protest at a square in Barcelona to denounce the torture and slaying of animals to make fur coats.

"People who are sensible to animal suffering see garments made from fur as acts of cruelty and pain, not as luxury items. Animals need their fur, we don't," said Leticia Olivares, a spokeswoman for international animal rights group AnimaNaturalis, which staged the demonstration.

Millions of foxes, minks, otters, beavers, lynxes and other species are raised in captivity in small cages or captured and then killed in brutal ways such as drowning or electrocution to make fur coats, the group said.


From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

A single shot fired by a Swedish hunter, first hit an elk and then continued to travel, hitting a 71-year-old skier and killing him on Saturday.

Police in Kronoberg county remained extremely reticent about details involving the hunting accident on the grounds of the continuing investigation, but also for the sake of the hunter and her hunting companion, who were shaken up after the incident.

Henrik Barnekow, a hunting consultant at the Swedish Hunters Association said that it is the hunter's responsibility to ensure that there is a so-called safety area behind the target: a hill or firm ground behind the animal where the bullet can land safely if the shot misses. "Forests do not count as safety areas," he noted.

He added that it is not uncommon for a shot to pass through an elk or any other game. However, he has never heard of a bullet continuing on to kill someone.

"However, there have been incidents of a bullet ricocheting out of the game, continuing and killing the hunter's dog situated near the prey," he pointed out.

COMMENT: Ha! No doubt the hunter and his companion were upset because they might end up in court. I very much doubt that anybody who shoots at large, slow moving animals just for the fun of it would be upset about the loss of a life, even the life of a human being.



Two Iberian Lynx have been released into the wild in the Sierra Morena in Jaén. They were the first animals to be released as part of the program started in 2005 in what is described as a ‘soft’ release into an initially closed four hectare area close to the Guarrizas river.

The two females, ‘Granadilla’ and ‘Grazalema’ were born this year in the La Olivilla centre, and appeared to be nervous on the release, possibly because there were dozens of people present.
The area is also inhabited by the male lynx ‘Granizo’ and it is hoped that he will help them to adapt to the area and the capture of rabbits.

The release meets a 2010 target date to let Iberian Lynx back into the wild as part of the protection program for the planets most endangered feline.



  1. Lynxes are breathtaking. I would much rather look at lynxes than 50 naked Queenslanders however fine their intentions.

    As for the elk hunter, someone should perhaps invent a bullet that works like a boomerang? …

  2. Barcelona is not in Queensland.

    Perhaps you are not really an Australian but just pretending so that nobody blames you for Tony Blair.

  3. Well maybe Barcelona isn’t in Queensland but it ought to be 🙂

    That’s what happens when you’re at work and you comment in a hurry.

    I am definitely not responsible for Tony Blair. I have been known to apologise on behalf of my nation for Peter Andre.

  4. There’s still a question mark over your nationality, Cathy. We’ve already come to the conclusion that you would make a good Geordie lass and now you are mistaking Spain for your homeland. Above all, you like opera and I didn’t see you drinking lager once in Scotland. We only have your word for this Australian business. Heck, you don’t even sound like an Aussie.

    Ah! And one more thing. You keep parakeets and care for them – you don’t eat them.


  5. You’ve confused me now Mad Priest, and I can’t remember who I am or what my name is. What am I if I’m not an Aussie? … 🙁

  6. Well, I certainly don’t mind a little vodka and caviar.

    And I did send Mimi that CD of Russian music quite recently.

  7. I was sorry to hear about the death of the skier and do not wish to make light of it, but are you familiar with Tom Lehrer’s “Hunting Song?” The lyrics include, “I went and shot the maximum the game laws would allow, two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.” This now brings to mind La Palin somehow.

  8. Heck, you don’t even sound like an Aussie.

    True, Cathy. At least not like any Aussie I’ve ever heard before.

    WV: catoop

    Did “they” mean to say “cat poo” or “cat oops!”?

  9. Well, the more I think about it, the more I think I quite fancy the idea of being a Russian spy. Of course there is nothing stopping me gaining employment as the same as an Australian.

    I’m worried now though, if I don’t sound Australian, what do I sound like?? 🙁 …

  10. MadPriest, I’m not having much success in wooing my way out of a shunning, am I? You’re a hard nut to crack.

    Now leaving the stage right after I say that my WV is “deresses”.

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    I’m a married man and I behaved impeccably throughout the trip.

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  15. To set the record straight, I “did not provide the sex” for anyone. After all, I am a married woman. In truth, to clear all three of us from any hint of suspicion, we all behaved impeccably with regard to sex.

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  17. I can confirm that Mimi is telling the truth. To be honest, because of her gargantuan consumption of red wine, most of the time, in the words of the Dead Kennedys, she was “Too Drunk To . . . .”

  18. To set the record straight, I “did not provide the sex” for anyone.

    Dearie me, is neither of you familiar with the old quote? I thought everyone knew what Katharine Hepburn (allegedly) said about Astaire and Rogers: “He gives her class and she gives him sex.”

    It’s famous!!!

  19. Thank you Dah-veed. At least someone round here gets what I’m going on about.

    Anyway, I’ve now decided the whole experience was less Astaire and Rogers and more Laurel and Hardy.

  20. I think if we went by shape alone, then the Laurel and Hardy description would better apply to Ellie and MadPriest 🙂 Another terrible duo.

  21. MadPriest, about my being “too drunk to…”, I could tell a few tales on you, too, you know. I could even embellish them, not that my tales about you would need embellishment to evoke shock amongst your readers.

  22. Mimi, if the Mad One is determined to hijack your Laurel status and confer it upon Ellie (and why not, if she is agreeable), perhaps we could recast our trip as the Marx bros. He’s definitely Groucho and you could well fill in as Chico, since you’re wise to his number, and a pretty sharp card yourself. What do you think? …

  23. Chico ain’t no straight man!

    True, Cathy. But it’s also true that you’re no Harpo. Maybe the trio is moving on to other things. Groucho may soon have his own quiz and comedy TV show.

  24. Mimi, you are all heart.

    I’m not so sure, Cathy. The number of times we had to stop on the way to Scotland I think it more probable that Mimi is all bladder.

    (That might be the witty retort too far – so I’m switching off my email box for the evening).

  25. David, 🙂

    Harpo was irresistible, though many of Groucho’s lines also bring great joy to my heart – “I could dance with you till the cows come home. On second thoughts, I’d rather dance with the cows till you come home” being a favourite, though I also love: “Why, a four-year-old child could understand this report.” (aside to a presidential aide) “Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can’t make head nor tail out of it.”

  26. Also I must mention the famous incident on the radio quiz show You Bet Your Life, sadly censored out of the final version apparently, where he asked a female contestant with nine children why she had so many, to which she replied: “I love my husband”, to which Groucho replied: “I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.”

    Still funny.