Our guest preacher at ST. LAIKA'S this week is none other than our very own Ellie Finlay and, boy, is she on form.

Once there was a man of vision who ran through the streets shouting, “Power, greed, corruption!”

One day a little child took pity on the strange prophet and asked, “Don’t you know that nobody is listening to you?”

“Of course, I know that, child,” the wise one replied.

“Then why do you keep shouting since you are not changing anyone? Your shouts are useless.”

“Oh no, they aren’t,” the prophet assured the child. “I do not shout only to change them. I shout so that they might not change me.”

Do go read the rest. You won't regret it. And afterwards pop over to THE ANCHORHOLD and listen to one of Ellie's transcendent music choices. Again, you won't regret it.

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