1. Ouch.

    Real women don’t think like that though. That’s a mistaken idea dreamed up by a man.

    Real women just care about the GIFTS that the stockings bring! *LOL*

  2. I would kinda like to comment here and venture an opinion but I’d better not being a nun and all….

    (Just remember, folks, I wasn’t always a nun.)

  3. Actually, Grandmère, I have it from an impeccable source (the folk at Extenze)that women really do think like that. Although, come to think of it, it’s probably not a high priority for lesbians, and they’re women too.

  4. …Abuela Mimi, some gay men do think like that.

    Hermano David, I’ve heard that about gay men.

    I hope you’re recovering nicely from your surgery.

    Paul Powers, I’m even more wary of going to the Extenze web site (if they have one, or is the business all done by email?) than I am of coming here to OCICBW, but are you certain you’re hearing from real women?

  5. Ellie, couldn’t you tell us your opinion from before you were a nun?

    Oh, no. That would be boring. Ellie was so well behaved before she became a nun.

  6. Just remember, folks, I wasn’t always a nun.

    Ellie, you interest me strangely. I’m not so ill-bred as to ask though – that would be rude of me. And I am sure Mad Priest is perfectly right about your good behaviour.

  7. The ladies of my acquaintance have expressed a variety of opinions in this area and I doubt that one should generalize about what women think. (Was that delicate enough for a high class joint like this?)

  8. Why, thank you for saying that, Paul. That pretty much sums up what I wanted to express earlier and I certainly don’t think I could have said it so delicately myself!

  9. I haven’t seen their website either, but I once saw a documentary underwritten by Extenze on TV late at night where 3 women, scientifically selected to be a representative sampling of the U.S. female population, discussed the importance of this issue. One of them acknowledged the possibility the that an under-endowed man might be fine as a human being, but the other two appeared to be unconvinced.

    Interestingly enough, not only had every single man who was randomly selected to be interviewed for the documentary heard of the product, they were all using it.