I apologise for bringing this money thing up again, but it's the beginning of the month I have a couple of big bills to pay. Also, no matter what she may say to the contrary, Mrs MP will be expecting a present on Christmas Day from me, the two dogs and the cat (and those three animals always expect me to pay for the gifts they, so selflessly, give). So, here's the usual blurb:

The administrator of this site is the Reverend Jonathan Hagger (a.k.a. MadPriest). He is a licensed Church of England priest but he receives no salary from any church or any other employer. At present his ministry consists entirely of his work at St. Laika's and OCICBW... However, he likes to eat occasionally and his blogs cost quite a bit of money to run. So, in true Anglican style a collection plate will always be available for your donations (via PayPal). Full accounts will be posted here each year. You will never be asked to pledge or tithe but a regular monthly contribution from you would give him security and peace of mind. Another way to help Jonathan is to buy Amazon products via his Amazon shop.

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