A Calgary Anglican parish is the first in Canada to take up an invitation made by Pope Benedict XVI last year to return to the Roman Catholic fold. 90 per cent of the 70-member congregation at St. John the Evangelist in southeast Calgary have voted in favour of the shift.

“This isn’t the Pope . . . poaching Anglicans. It’s the Pope actually responding to persistent requests from Anglicans for many, many years for full communion. But a communion which is united but not absorbed,” parish priest, Father Lee Kenyon (pictured), said Tuesday.

One of the first issues that will have to be settled is the ownership of the church in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood, just east of downtown. The church itself was erected in 1911.

Richard Harding, the rector’s warden at St. John, said, “The title was placed in the name of the elected lay wardens of the parish. It is parish property. The diocese may not be aware of that.”

He said the membership at St. John definitely wants to hold on to the building. “We have parishioners who’ve been in that church for 60 years. They certainly want to stay there.”


AND DON’T SLAM THE DOOR . . . — 10 Comments

  1. The RCs close parishes with that small of a congregation.

    Perhaps this parish should also look into the recent court ruling in British Columbia regarding parishes that tried to leave the Diocese of New Westminster. They lost the buildings to the diocese and the national church!

  2. “…but not absorbed.” Say what? What planet are they and the ordinariate on? They still have to BECOME Roman Catholics! That’s “absorbed”!! Have they ever been sold a mess of pottage. I’m glad they’re happy. They should go to Rome. It’s where they want to be. I think.

    Now, what about the remaining 10%. Where are they to go? To whom do they belong?

    Clearly I’m having a c(rud) day. This, plus Pluralist’s totally depressing blog “Not changing Attitude” plus John the Baptist in Matthew’s gospel (and I’m not even going into what that brought up in me about The Church and serving same and the end of christendom thing), I just want to quit the whole mess, or go off and cry, or just hide.

    Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  3. Well, honestly Lois, if you’re going to hang around the serious blogs you’ve only got yourself to blame for your depression. Stcik with the MadPriest. Even when reporting the worstest of news I always throw in a funny cartoon or something to lighten your day.

    But to get out of your present melancholia I suggest you put on a pair of headphones, crank the volume up to eleven and play the Ramones’ first album until your ears bleed. That should make you feel a lot happier.

  4. Hang in there, Lois. My view of church is very jaundiced and, frankly, I take it in small doses these days. But my faith in Good News remains. I send you a cyberhug, less painful than bleeding ears any day.

  5. Hermano David beat me to it. The parish property still belongs to the diocese. If the title is in the name of the incumbent and wardens, it is so in their capacity as incumbent and wardens of an Anglican parish, not in their personal names.

    Property, incidentally, includes more than just the buildings. It includes everything in the buildings which is not personal property of an individual. e.g, prayer and hymn books, chalices and other liturgical hardware, furnishings, computers, all manner of equipment…. Plus any bank accounts or investments.

    “Don’t slam the door” indeed. Go with God, go in peace, go. (And take the fiddleback chasuble with you).

  6. What did you say, MP? I couldn’t hear you. I had the earphones on listening to the Ramones on full blast. I may have done some damage.
    Too late to save my ears, Paul, but thanks for the hug.
    : – )