1. That’s a lovely story with a good, happy ending – thank you, Ellie. How did they get the deer on the boat though? That’s quite a big boat and deer can’t climb ladders. I wonder why they were swimming round in the middle of nowhere, too.

  2. Paul Theroux in one of his books about Britain said he saw a flock of sheep trying to swim across a bay somewhere in Scotland. They all drowned, sadly. Critters of this ilk do sometimes go for a swim in an unplanned way and without much thought for whether they can get back to land and safety, is the impression I get. Maybe that’s what these deer were doing. Anyway, they had a happy ending, which is fabulous.

    I’m so envious. I wish I had a boat that a group of deer had tried to board. How gratifying would that be?

    PS or maybe Anonymous is right and they were trying to defect to Russia? …