There's a rather good guest post at ST. LAIKA'S today. It's a sermon for the First Sunday of Advent by our good friend, Chris Hansen. Do go read it and leave a comment.

I am always more than happy to publish your sermons and meditations at St. Laika's. In fact, I could really do with your help on this. I just don't have enough time, even with being unemployed at present, to come up with enough content to do our worship site justice. So, please, if you preach and you are happy with your sermon, just send it in to me. There's no need to check with me first. If you post a sermon (etc.) to your own blog please let me know. I can either post the full text at St. Laika's (with a link to your blog) or just put up a link through to your blog without the text being posted at St. Laika's. Do let me know which of the two options you want me to go with. Bear in mind that people can be lazy about clicking on links.

I would like to post a series during Advent based on the Four Last Things, DEATH, JUDGMENT, HELL and HEAVEN. If you have an old sermon, meditation, talk or written piece on any of these themes, please, please send them in. This week is "DEATH." If you have something appropriate on this, please send it in as soon as possible. Also, everybody, please feel free to submit any poetry, prose, work of art or suggestion of pieces of music, by others or yourself, on any of the Four Last Things themes. It would be so good to make Advent at St. Laika's a communal pilgrimage.

I have listened to THE ADVENT CAROL SERVICE, I posted at St, Laika's yesterday, again this morning. You know, I think it's simply the greatest Advent service ever and I would like it to be brought to the attention of more people. So, in order to achieve this, I would ask a favour of you all. Go to ITUNES, click on "View in iTunes" and download it (it won't coast you anything). Download it even if you have listened to it already and whilst you are over there click on the FIVE rating stars. I need to get the St. Laika's podcast further up the iTunes popularity ratings as the more popular a podcast is the more chance it has of being discovered by new listeners.

Ellie has an excellent Advent meditation posted at THE ANCHORHOLD. Check it out! Ellie has been incredibly conscientious about keeping up daily posts on her site and deserves your regular support of all her work.



  1. I have obeyed all instructions to the letter. About to listen as I drive to work.

    I hope this beats the Kyle and Jackie O Show.