We pray for those excluded from full participation in the Church who will now have to suffer longer because of yesterday's vote by General Synod to pass the Covenant down to the dioceses for even more discussion. And we pray for all those who campaigned against it, that God will ease their disappointment, give them hope for the future and the stamina to continue the fight. We pray especially for our good friend, LESLEY FELLOWS, who, babelicious as she is, may have completely scuppered her chances of ever becoming a bishop in the C. of E. by her courageous and prophetic outspokenness in the run up to the Synod vote.


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Pike River mining tragedy - It has been announced that no one could have survived the second explosion, at 2:37pm yesterday. Please pray.



MA UPDATE - My brother called and said that she is in surgery to drain fluid out of her head. I'm on notice about making a trip to Dallas soon. My brother says to wait until we have anything definite from the doctors.
He says that the surgery is supposed to last only 30 minutes, so she may be out by now.

UPDATE - She's out of surgery. The operation was a success. She's in recovery and will return to her room tomorrow. She will spend the weekend in the hospital, and then be released into rehab.
I hope the worst is over for now.


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The following people were murdered in the New Orleans metro area this week:

11/21 Darnell Beverly 22 M Shot Jefferson
11/21 Christopher Smith 30 M Shot Jefferson
11/21 Clara Anderson 55 F Stabbed Orleans

Please pray for the murdered, their families, and their murderers.



At this moment, my body does not feel any pain at all.


No pain.

I have lived with pain as a companion every day since August 2006. Every single day. There has been no respite, no time when I was free of pain. Words cannot express the joy and deep gratitude in my heart right now.

There is a cost for this lack of pain. The cost is my new medication. In terms of monetary cost, it’s in a higher tier of my formulary, and apparently not available as a generic drug yet. In terms of side effects, I’m dealing with somnolence and problems thinking. I hope that there will be an adjustment period, after which these costs will be easier to deal with. If not, then I will have to make some choices about how I live and work. But right now? Those costs are absolutely, completely, one hundred percent worth it.


Look what the stork dragged in:

Further details at YEARNING FOR GOD.


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