I am extremely proud of OCICBW... today.

Yesterday's vote at General Synod to pass the Covenant down to the dioseses for debate was yet another painful blow to those children of God who are still waiting to be welcomed into the church of God. The continuation of discussion on this issue means that real discussion of their issues will just not happen as there is little point in talking about things that will be impossible should the Covenant be eventually adopted.

However, there is absolutely no doubt that the No Covenant Campaign in England has been a major success and achieved, in just a few weeks, it's main objective - to alert the dozy English to the true nature of the proposed legislation. Even bishops spoke out against it and, as the Covenant will give more power to bishops, that is akin to the British Meat Federation voting for compulsory vegetarianism.

The reason I am proud of OCICBW... and myself today is that I am personally responsible for this turn of events. For years I was alone among English bloggers in speaking out against the Covenant. It was I who, a couple of years back,  phoned various influential people and got them to initiate an official campaign against it (up to that point nobody thought it was worth getting worked up about). Pretty much all the arguments against the Covenant that I put forward at OCICBW... have been taken up by the campaigners, even the ones they told me were too negative to take on board such as the loss of sovereignty issue.

There is something about which I am even more proud. One thing I have continually banged on and on about is the necessity for anti-covenanters, wherever they may live, to stick together, and not to become isolationist which, at one time, they would threaten to do every time something went against them.  But with the English vote this has not happened. The English campaign was backed by an international campaign before the vote and there have been very few "we don't need you" blogs posted over the last twenty four hours.

What has happened is that we have, without any legislation or compulsion, without any threats of exclusion or talk of secondary status, adopted our own covenant - one that is truly based on the covenant God has with us. It is a covenant of love, allowance, inclusivity and continual forgiveness.

Of course, many people throughout the world have been part of this battle against tyranny but today I am allowing myself the boast that OCICBW...'s voice was a little bit more than a drop in the ocean. In fact, I think we can truthfully claim that it enjoys the status of a small puddle.



  1. Thanks, Ann. And, of course, I would have really been spitting in the wind if it wasn’t for my bolshie American friends (American as in the crazy Mexican’s definition of the word).

  2. I think the contribution of this site cannot be understated. And no, your international supporters are not quiting. Bad news for the archbishop, the conversation among us is how to support the debate in the diocese, not that we are walking away. This is not even close to over.


  3. Yes–kudos to you, MP, for all your hard work in raising some opposition to the covenant. Being a Jeremiah isn’t easy, and certainly not a good career move. But thanks for having the integrity to act on your convictions. I’ll bet the Dean would have approved.

  4. I’ve just checked and I’m English, and I’ve just checked and not one blog entry of mine was in favour of the Covenant. The difference is you’ve remained Anglican and I’m not. But you were not lone; may have had more influence and contacts of course.

    I also suggest strategic realism, in that the battle isn’t over but the majorities and pressures are such that they will insist on passing this thing, even if it ends up being useless and pointless. I remain opposed to the Covenant, but then I remain opposed to creeds.