The future of a Western Port parish priest hangs in the balance after he went public with his view that women should be ordained in the Catholic Church. Father Greg Reynolds, based at The Immaculate Conception church in Hastings, whose parish stretches from Somerville to Flinders, made his assertions in a homily during weekend Mass two months ago.

"I believe certain women are being called by God to the ministerial priesthood and our official church is obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit. I feel I can no longer sit back and remain silent," he said in his homily.

It was reported in The Age last week that he sent a copy to Archbishop Denis Hart, head of the Catholic Church in Melbourne, to save his parishioners the trouble. Father Reynolds told The Age he expected to be dismissed from his job or even excommunicated from the church.

Parents of children at St Joseph's School in Crib Point this week received a letter from principal Gab Espenschied briefly outlining the issue.

"Greg is a fine man and great priest and he wants to remain in the priesthood. We await the archbishop's response. Please keep Greg in your thoughts and prayers at this time," it read.

Failure to congratulate MadPriest on the above photoshop will result in a major hissy fit situation.

You have been warned.



  1. Spot on, Mad One, and a fine photoshop job, too. Too bad we’re going to miss the hissy fit, though. Might have been fun to watch, especially with an ocean between us.

  2. Congrats on the ‘shop!

    As far as where you got the pic: I have a children’s “Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” w/ artwork that is far, FAR more gory!

  3. Cathy,you must get out more. That is the crest of the Archbishop of Canterbury. That Black Knight in this most excellent photoshop is obviously +Rowan in one of his many fantasies!

    I was thinking, “What a great photoshop!” long before I got to the threat MP.

  4. An excellent job on the photoshop! And I’m sure Fr. Greg will get the sack and the whack from his Holiness for his statement on women in the priesthood. But there is always TEC. The Diocese of SE Florida gave a home to Fr. Oprah!

  5. Dah-veed, the fact that this is the crest of the Archbishop of Canterbury and that I didn’t know that does not persuade me that I should get out more. I didn’t know that precisely because I do get out, and thus have little time to study the more obscure particulars of the CofE. But thank you for telling me 🙂

    Excellent photoshop, O Mad One.

  6. Superb picture Oh Mad One, except it is looking like I’m getting my arse kicked, which I don’t like much 🙂 Sorry I missed it on your blog but it made me laugh on the train back from said arse-kicking session.

    However, somehow I think it does look more beautifully framed now it is on my blog, even though I do say so myself 🙂