Three real goodies for you to check out today.

Gurdur's post, "The revolution eats its children: the debates among atheists and separately among Christians regarding sexism, ethnic minorities, community and support" at THE HEATHEN HUB asks some interesting questions and, as the host of the hub is a scholar and looks for answers wherever they might be, I am sure he would appreciate your comments regarding the Christian experience of the matters he raises.

Bloody 'ell! That was a long sentence even by my standards.


I rarely highlight posts by Tobias Haller as they are consistently of a very high quality and I assume that you all read all of them. But his article, "Inclusion as the Church's Identity," posted at IN A GODWARD DIRECTION yesterday, may possibly exceed his own high standards.


Another website that I just assume you all read is the JESUS IN LOVE BLOG. But as with Tobias' article I mention above, its most recent post, "Religious threats to LGBT people exposed in Jerusalem photos," is particularly worth finding the time to read. The photos that accompany it are worth the trouble of clicking on the link just for themselves.



  1. It’s a honor to be in such good company on your “highly recommended” list. I’m impressed by Elisabeth’s Jerusalem photos, as well as her courage in going to Jerusalem to photograph LGBT Israelis and Palestinians in holy settings where queer stuff is taboo.

    Yesterday was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA. I give thanks for you, Madpriest, and your God-blogging.

  2. And I give thanks for you, KittKatt. For putting the culture back in gay culture and also outing Doug Blanchard for the great artist that he is. You know, he never mentioned it himself until you blogged his show that time and I have a feeling he never would have done. Now he produces the best painterly art blog on the net. And I am sure you have given many others the confidence to own their talents.