. . . for keeping your treasonable thoughts (mostly) to yourselves.

We have a bank holiday!

William and Kate are getting hitched on 29th. April 2011 and we get the day off. As the 2nd. May is the early May bank holiday it's going to be one big party that weekend. And you have to admire the royal couple's magnanimity towards those who would do away with them. They've arranged it so that if you don't want to celebrate their nuptials you can spend the day celebrating the organised labour movement or burning a virgin so the crops will be bountiful - whatever takes your fancy.

Anyway, you can now go back to being a bunch of regicidal heretics if you like. I've got what I wanted.



  1. My new quandary. I had tentative plans to arrive in Europe (Frankfurt) on April 27 or 28. Will I head straight for London, the crowds etc but also the fun or will I stay on the continent and arrive UK later?

  2. I’m entirely in favour of this generous move to give us all a day off, and moreover think they should make it a public holiday on the day royal couples get their decree absolute as well.

  3. Hey, what happened to my post re an MP-hosted PARTAY for the occasion? (Geez, Crazy @rse, we’d “BYOB”, y’know! ;-p)

  4. With you on this one Rev. In fact, I can only hope it will be the start of a whole new trend – there’s no point being a constitutional monarchy if you don’t get the extra holidays eg. on birthdays, corgi funerals, rediscovery of the lost silver etc etc…

  5. I get such a kick out of the other meaning of “Republican” I encounter whilst reading this blog. And having such tasty Republicans as the lovely & clever Cathy available certainly works wonders in taking my mind off of the wretched gits that use that name here in the States 😛

  6. Ah yes, blame it on the Frogs 🙂

    (Had several French & Belgian friends back in graduate school, and the Belgians told absolutely wicked jokes about the French. I think I’d like it in Belgium 😉

  7. My Belgian friend in grad school had his gf join him from over there. She was a very slender, pretty young thing that may have weighed 6.5 stone soaking wet.

    Girl could eat like a horse and drink you under the table. I guess they get started on that good beer early there 😀