This is just typical of my life.

Having gone through a course of antibiotics a few weeks back to get rid of a tooth abscess, I was persuaded by my dentist to have root canal work on the offending premolar to stop the abscess returning. This morning, after a fitful sleep, I woke up to find my jaw had swollen up (not quite like a melon but certainly resembling an average size satsuma). So, off I went to the dentist to discover that the surgery to stop me getting another abscess had given me, yes, you guessed it, an abscess.

This has been why I have been in such agony since Monday. Unfortunately, because my dentist had warned me that I might get some toothache for two or three days, it hadn't crossed my mind that it could be anything other than post surgery pain.

Anyway, it's back on the horse tablets for another week. I hope they take effect soon as, at the moment, I look like a lopsided hamster.



  1. In spite of your earlier admonition, I am going to put in my expression of sympathy (and empathy – having a molar extracted next Monday myself) anyway. I hope you return to your normal size soon, surcease of pain, etc.


  2. Now there is an image! A ‘lop sided hamster” indeed! I do feel rather provincial as I had no idea what a satsuma was. Thank heavens for wikipedia.


  3. If I could draw, I’d make a cartoon of a lopsided hamster, dressed in clericals, with a black rain cloud over his head, if I could draw….

    Of course, perpetual prayers for your troubles without end.

    Alison, prayers that all goes well with your extraction.

  4. Some weeks, if we didn’t have bad luck, we’d have no luck at all. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly. I have memories (shudder) of a dry socket that my dentist didn’t think could possibly have been what the problem was. . .

    I hope the pain stops soon.

  5. This really does suck, big time. I hope you get better soon. Wasn’t it Thomas de Quincey who said “A quarter of all human misery is toothache”? Or some such. Dentistry has improved since then thank goodness, so I hope yours can fix your troubles shortly.

  6. MP: Am sending:
    (1) Prayers (which I’m sure you would like);
    (2) Sympathy (which I gather you are at least willing to accept);
    (3) Pity (even though you don’t want it at all).
    I thought I told you to come to the clinic at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry! (Oh, right. I don’t think they take NHS.)

    At least there is the consolation that it’s your dentist’s fault and not yours!

  7. Hopefully you’ll be getting the right combination of effective drugs, and soon.

    Better living through chemistry! 🙂

  8. Poor Maddie. Get better soon!

    [JCF, grateful I’m just Yank-mongrelized enough, to have escaped British teeth! :-X]

  9. I have always been rather fond of hamsters — lopsided or otherwise. And, thanks to wikipedia, I gather that satsuma is either a citrus fruit or a sort or snail-like thing. Which do you resemble?

    And, in any case, I have always found pain in my head much more difficult to distance myself from. May yours be removed — by God

  10. Christ on a cracker! You poor devil. I s’pose the whisky treatment is right out, then. 🙁

    Good luck to you with that; hopefully this is the end of all the dental work for a very long time indeed.

    Consider a virtual bouquet of bright tropical flowers sent your way to help cheer you a bit.