I just love Prince William's wicked, "I know I'm going to get what I want tonight" grin. And, boy! He certainly knows exactly how to perform in an interview. He was completely in control throughout, taking care of both himself and his missus.

I am, as you know, a royalist. But I'm a pragmatic one and, although I respect Prince Charles' attempts to make the world a better place, I have to admit that he has the diplomatic and self presentation skills of his father rather than his mother; in other words, none whatsoever. Perhaps the lowest point in his generally miserable public career was his interview alongside Diana when they got engaged. The "what is love" gaffe certainly warned us all of what was ahead. William, on the other hand, is either very much in love or an incredibly good actor and, to be honest, the British public won't give a damn which is true. With royalty, the play is the thing, and last night's performance by William and Kate, bodes very well for a record breaking run, at least by today's standards of fidelity and public service.

Now, you republicans, keep your thoughts to yourself on this one and, at least, try to pretend that you are excited. If we all pull together as a nation we might just get a public holiday out of the wedding. I remember Charles and Diana's wedding day - the pubs were open all day and the party spilled out onto the streets. Don't let your vehemently held beliefs get in the way of a good time!

Although the embedding function has been switched off the full interview can still be viewed at YOUTUBE.



  1. Now, you republicans, keep your thoughts to yourself on this one

    I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.

    PS I quite like the old Prince Charles, actually. Anyone who talks to his rhubarb plants is OK by me.

  2. are you kidding – of course we love this stuff (even the one’s who say they hate it – secretly read the stories and watch the news) – we are already making plans on Facebook for an all nighter to watch the wedding.

  3. Watching bits of the interview on the news last night, and the brief responses of Prince Charles himself to reporters’ queries, I thought: I’ll bet Prince Charles has encouraged his sons to marry for love. Prayers for the happy couple! And here’s hoping for a sunny wedding day and a good time to be had by all. (As can be seen from our own enjoyment of royal weddings and such, we Americans are royalists, too, and we are grateful for the way you Brits maintain the royal family on our behalf, at a suitable distance from our shores.)

  4. Though I nearly always agree with Ann, I cannot agree on this matter. I can’t say that I hate the royal stuff, but I sure do get bored by it and was disappointed that I was unable to avoid it on the TV this morning. Now having ready the Mad One’s thoughts on the matter, I shall consider myself fully informed. Since there is no potential of a day off for me, and since I’m self-employed, that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing, I shall now go on with the rest of my life.

  5. No problem, KJ. I’m going to suggest to our prime minister that granting 24 hour citizenship would be a nice little earner. For, say, $10 you anybody in the world can become a subject of our beloved queen for the day (God bless her majesty) with all the perks, such as the day off and the expectation that you will get well blotto, such status entails. Of course, at the stroke of midnight you will revert back to being just a foreigner again, but for one whole day you will be able to enjoy a feeling of natural superiority that even those patriotic yanks can’t even begin to emulate.

  6. I’m just glad Wills didn’t get his dad’s ears. So it doesn’t seem likely he’ll pass those ears on to his kids.

    And if his kids are really lucky, at least one of them, like Harry, will have the Spencer rusty hair. Hopefully that one will be a girl.

  7. Ya know, I’d considered becoming an expat in England, but after reading one American’s rather harrowing experience living over there (Yorkshire, of course) I’m thinking somewhat differently.

  8. Oh, and she got Diana’s engagement ring.

    I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    Doesn’t William have money? Can’t he get her a unique ring, to indicate she is her own woman, and not trying to make her be Diana? Seems kinda cheap-ass on his part, not to buy her a ring of her own.

    I liked Diana just fine, but she’s gone now, and this is Kate Middleton, not Diana Spencer.

  9. Oh, that’s right – it’s a nation unto itself.

    I’ll have to remind my friend Christopher of this fact, as he was born and grew up there.

  10. Your generous offer will be tempting only if it comes with a day of public assistance, minus the $10 fee of course.

  11. I watched the video just past 5 minutes, but I couldn’t go the entire 17-plus minutes. I stayed with Will and Kate long enough to learn that their friendship blossomed into romance, just like Tom and me. How sweet.

    In truth, the interviewer seemed so intrusive that I thought the next question might be, “And when did you first bed this young lady?” I came near to panic and cut away.

  12. I think that Prince William’s explanation about the ring and wanting to include the memory of his mother in all this is quite lovely. He appears to really love this woman. Best of luck to them both.

  13. Americans are nuts about this stuff. After our Wednesday AM service, we retire to the diner for brunch, and the LOL’s were abuzz! Personally it’s none of my business, but seems awfully expensive…

  14. seems awfully expensive…

    And it is. But we will make a profit out of the American royalists. We always do. In fact, I think that’s the main reason we still have a monarchy.

  15. In truth, the interviewer seemed so intrusive that I thought the next question might be, “And when did you first bed this young lady?”

    Methinks that—THANK GOD!!!—the Official Princess Virginity Test has been permanently retired. (It was already disgracefully misogynistically anachronistic in 1981 w/ Lady Di!)

    I think the Royals are essentially harmless in this day and age (though I’m nevertheless glad we said “No Thanks” to that biz back in 1776)

    Kate’s Kute . . . but could definitely benefit, IMHO, from a few (proverbial) cheeseburgers. Feh on the “Too Rich or Too Thin (Never)” Standard!

  16. I was surprised to hear a British commentator on CNN saying that he didn’t expect any comparisons between the new princess and Princess Di. It seems to me that she’ll be living in Diana’s shadow for the rest of her life.

  17. You know, KittKatt, I don’t think she will in Britain.

    The fuss we made when she died was more due to guilt than love. The whole Charles / Diana thing was a tragedy but she was a flawed person and that was part of the tragedy.

    She is rarely mentioned here anymore. Perhaps this also due to our feelings of guilt.

  18. Rarely mentioned except for the Daily Express that puts her on the front page every five minutes. However they do seem to be ploughing a lonely furrow with that one.

  19. I wish them well. One wonders how this will hit the idiots on Stand Firm who keep going on about how the queen should resolve the various Anglican problems.


  20. Tracie, I don’t know if it is just a Southern thing or not, but in the South it is not unusual for engagement rings to be passed down through several generations in families. Having the family ring is considered to be ever so much better than getting a new one. Considering how Prince William obviously felt about his mother, I would think it would be somewhat in that tradition.

  21. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with giving an heirloom ring, it’s quite an old and charming custom.

    Diana for all her flaws was an endearing person; she had that something extra that made her a star. Kate is a lovely girl, but I don’t think she will cut quite as glamorous a figure. But maybe that’s all to the good.

    As the P of W said the other day, it’s about time they got married, they’ve been practicing long enough. The only thing that makes me a bit uneasy is when Kate said in the interview “I don’t know the ropes yet” – which stuck me as odd as when Prince Charles said “whatever love means.”

    She’s been dating William for what, about 8 years now; living with him a good bit of that time. That’s long enough to know if you love someone, let’s hope she’s also figured out whether she loves the job that comes with the title.

    I think it’s also a bit worrisome, as some of the papers have commented, that although she had a very good education – unlike Diana – Kate’s only real work has been for her parents or a friend of the family. Would have been better if she’d made a start on an independent career in all this time, not merely because of the image it projects to the public but also because of what it does for you, living a successful work life that does not depend on your family or your boyfriend.

    But we all made mistakes when we were younger and thought we knew what we were doing. What faces Kate now is the double task of making William happy and serving her country well, and subordinating her happiness to those two things, which Diana was unable to do, bless her heart.

    But love is always a gamble, isn’t it? As all of us know, far from the glitter and the crowds. I say good luck and God bless them. They will need it.

  22. This is the first time I tripped over your blog. Here in the US I was astounded and the amount of news time devoted to Will and Kate.

    But, who cares? They’re adorable.

  23. Well the Blue Truck Yank has triumphed – good on him!

    I know the public fuss of royalty is part of the deal, but they seem to have found a way to circumvent some of it to date – I hope they have a chance at a real life together.


  24. I was astounded and the amount of news time devoted to Will and Kate.

    They’ve obviously got a good PR man working for them. It’s not you, by any chance, Alan? 🙂

  25. I have refrained, as requested, in my gentlemanly way, from voicing any negative thoughts on this story. However, now that everyone has had a chance to wave the flag and shout “hurrah”, I would like it noted that one can be critical of individual past and present members of the British royal family without necessarily being a republican. 🙂

  26. ‘like Harry, will have the Spencer rusty hair’
    I have just crapped myself laughing.

    Isn’t Harry’s “rusty hair” thought to have come from Diana’s scarily-identical-to-Harry rusty horse groomer? O_o [So glad the British monarchy outgrew that head-chopping-the-unfaithful-spouse phase! ;-)]

  27. David – why thank you. (blushes) Wot I meant was I was endeavouring to be the soul of honour 🙂

    Tmtim – Shall we call ourselves the People’s Front of Britannia? …

  28. It would be nice if they stayed married, which seems rare for whomever these days.

    Hope it gooses up the English economy without draining the English treasury.

    Perhaps we’d have been better off with impotent but lovely royalty over here. Might have kept us from investing the Presidency with glamour and mythic hope — and resultant disappointment.

  29. Damn!! Now I’ll have to go back and watch the whole thing to see if I think he’s actually looking at the cleavage or just thinking of what to say next! Perhaps he’s developed the habit of looking at her cleavage for inspiration when he’s thinking. Or he’s learned that he better be happy with that cleavage and not look around at others.

  30. I think you are definitely onto something there, Susan. It could be that where Americans went wrong was allowing members of their iconic class (movie actors) to become politicians and allowing their politician to become icons.

  31. Susan,

    I’m sure Kate would be quite sufficient for Wills that way – but I do agree with JCF on the point made above. The darling girl looks like she could use a good meal or two.

    Curves are yummy, and useful for keeping your royal hubby properly gobsmacked and compliant 😉

    wv: thinw

  32. I am a republican where Australia is concerned. I don’t think Australians should have the Queen as head of state. She is not relevant to Australia. I am not a republican where England is concerned. I think England should keep the monarchy, because they’re good for tourism, and a part of England’s long and extraordinarily interesting history. The monarchy have been OK ever since they were reminded a few years ago that their powers are and should be limited 😉

    PS Is it just me or does Kate Middleton look a lot like Koo Stark?

  33. It is, but time moves on, and the link to the Queen just feels moribund and redundant now, in my opinion. Australia has to all intents and purposes been completely independent for a long time and should assert that fact. There are plenty in Australia who disagree, of course. And in fact I probably wouldn’t be living here if it weren’t for the ongoing ties to Old Blighty, to be fair.

  34. JCF: I wasn’t going to mention James Hewitt. It didn’t seem…polite. 🙂

    I was only going to indicate that Harry’s uncle Charles and aunt Sarah have red hair.

    :looks innocent:

  35. There is no way Harry is anyone’s son except Charles. He is the spitting image of his dad – I can see Charles’s face staring out at me every time I see Harry’s photo. The eyes and nose and the shape of the face are exactly the same. Sadly for Harry.

  36. No it isn’t polite but the only tangible benfit to me of having a royal family is that they are there to be ridiculed. It is a very equitable relationship, I don’t care about them and they don’t care about me. They just get a lot more press.

  37. It is a very equitable relationship, I don’t care about them and they don’t care about me.

    Heh heh heh!!! 🙂


  38. She abandoned me at the ferry landing at Iona when I couldn’t find my return ticket.

    I’ve just seen this slur on my character!! And there I was in my gentlemanly way trying to stop the boat leaving.

  39. Cathy, I’m afraid your excuse appears rather weak.

    MadPriest, you abandoned me, too. How do I look positively on my travel companions leaving me alone on the island – almost? If it hadn’t been for the kindness of the ticket collector….

  40. Dash it all, our cunning plan exposed!! Well, Mimi, Mad Priest and I thought you might like to stay on Iona. It’s a spiritual place and you’re a saintly lady, so we felt you would fit in. Plus there was your developing taste for single malt. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.

  41. The Iona islanders liked me. I could tell.

    I thought this thread was to be about Will and Kate. Who pulled the thread off topic? Oh! I see that I did, to make it all about me? How that for taking control of the conversation!

  42. Cathy, I see a story there for you.

    For me, I see a cartoon series titled, “The Unfortunate Events of MadPriest’s Life” with the black(ish) cloud as as a continuing presence. MadPriest will remain a hamster, because the critter is much easier to draw than a person.

  43. Oh Mimi, yes yes yes!! A cartoon series with Mad Priest as a hamster!! I love it!!

    (claps hands, jumps up and down doing a dance)

    (wv – gerrhop – that’s the dance I’m doing)

  44. I hate kind ticket collectors.

    Everyone will know who the black cloud represents.

    MadPriest, why not ask the ticket collector to give you lessons in kindness? It couldn’t hurt.

  45. Much of the commentary at OCICBW is edgy, and, at times, it’s hard to know whether or how deep a cut the edge will make.


    Is an offer of a deal on an oven on the table?