THEMETHATISME has kindly sent me the following news story. I'm going for it. It strikes me that if I can put up with you ne'erdowells for five years a few demons from hell won't be any problem for me in the slightest.


Overwhelmed with requests for exorcists, U.S. Roman Catholic bishops held a special training workshop in Baltimore last weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite. The church signed up 56 bishops and 66 priests for the two-day workshop seeking to boost the small group of just five or six American exorcists that the church currently has on its books.

Catholic Church law stipulates that only properly trained priests can perform the rite - and then only with the permission of their bishops. Possible signs of demonic possession include scratching, cutting, biting of the skin; profound displays of strength; and a strong or violent reaction to holy water.

COMMENT: ". . . a strong or violent reaction to holy water."

Just as I have always thought - those ultra-Calvinists in our midst, like the members of Reform in England, are just a bunch of satanists.



  1. Shame it wasn’t 666 priests.

    Why do you have to undergo a training day? … If you don’t, does the demon say, “I’m sorry, but unless you show me your certificate signed by his Holiness, I don’t have to do anything you say, I don’t make the rules mate that’s just how it is”?

  2. The [US] Episcopal Church’s “Book of Occasional Services” makes the following provision. (Fits on half a page. About right.)

    “Concerning Exorcism

    “The practice of expelling evil spirits by means of prayer and set formulas derives its authority from the Lord himself who identified these acts as signs of his messiahship. Very early in the life of the Church the development and exercise of such rites were reserved to the bishop, at whose discretion they might be delegated to selected presbyters and others deemed competent.

    “In accordance with this established tradition, those who find themselves in need of such a ministry should make the fact known to the bishop, through their parish priest, in order that the bishop may determine whether exorcism is needed, who is to perform the rite, and what prayers or other formularies are to be used.”

    BOS page 155.

    I think that pretty well says all that needs to be said about this subject. I guess if the RC’s are being “overwhelmed with requests for exorcists,” then a workshop may be called for, and Baltimore seems like a good place for it. In the 31 years since our Book of Occasional Services has been issued, TEC has as far as I know been underwhelmed with such requests. Zip. Nada. Of course, maybe we just don’t recognize demons. Or maybe the demons have just given up on us.