1. Oh there was worse that that!

    Last night the New Zealand all black Rugby League team beat Australia in the final minute after Australia had led the match.

    God is punishing us for sure, and it’s only what we deserve considering those poor Koalas!

  2. I have a sneakin’ suspicion that JCF would be quite a nifty rugby union player. He certainly has the right amount of controlled aggression.

  3. No, I’m sorry. This is rugby, a minority sport confined to a small corner of that large continent, and which does not even hold much interest to a good many people who live in that corner. Now, if it had been Australian Rules, you would have had a point.

  4. No, I’m not lying. Rugby is only played in two of the Australian states – Queensland and NSW. In the others the majority sport is Australian Rules (or it was when I lived there – there may have been changes in the past decade but if so I don’t know about them). I paid absolutely no attention to rugby whatsoever when I was growing up and was really quite startled to find people took an interest in it when I moved to the UK.

    By the way, given England’s general record with sports, you may be setting up a rather dangerous precedent by suggesting that losing is linked to karma 🙂

  5. I will add that I have relatives in NSW and Queensland who we visited quite frequently while I was growing up and I never heard the word rugby so much as mentioned. I’ve got friends from Sydney and Brisbane now and they don’t talk about it, or care.

    When I came to live in Britain there was some tournament on at the time and people at work kept asking me, “What do you think about the rugby?” But I don’t think about it. It’s rugby. No one cares.

    Boaz may disagree, but then he is one of those strange people from up north 🙂

  6. Mad Priest, it was James Freud I said I had not heard of, not the Saints. It is not my observational abilities in question with that one!

  7. But as you know I don’t care about punk, Mad Priest, so I would be unlikely to register that or remember, even with the Australian connection.

  8. Yes, that’s right: you said that if I had been paying attention I would have realised that the Saints are your favourite punk bank. I didn’t say I hadn’t heard of the Saints – I said I hadn’t registered that they were your favourite punk band. Two different things.

    I then went on to say that I had not heard of James Freud.

  9. Rugby? Punk bank? Saints? I have no idea what you are all going on about.

    “By the way, given England’s general record with sports, you may be setting up a rather dangerous precedent by suggesting that losing is linked to karma.”

    It’s punishment from god, not karma, Cathy.

  10. The range of subjects on which we all focus is in fact rather limited. It has to be so in life, since there’s only so much to which we can pay attention. Punk bores me. That doesn’t make me an unreliable witness in general.

  11. No, Cathy, there is a difference here. You love opera and ignore everything else. The rest of the world loves everything else and ignores opera. You are a very focussed individual. Or, to put it another way, a completely unreliable witness.

  12. KJ, you think England’s incredibly poor record with sport generally is punishment from God? Thank you, my friend.

    Mad Priest – I am quite focussed in some ways, but I am also a journalist, which entails keeping an eye on what goes on in the world generally on a daily basis. And I’ll bet you’ve not registered which opera is my favourite, or which book, even though I named both in Scotland. Does that make you an unreliable witness? …

    As for rugby, as Andy Parsons on Mock the Week pointed out: “Only eight nations in the world give a toss about rugby, and four of them are us.”

  13. Well, I can think of eleven, so obviously Parsons pays as much attention as you.

    In respect of the second paragraph you would be absolutely correct about me being an unreliable witness if we were talking about books or opera. But, of course we’re not. we are talking about sport and Australians, two subjects I am an expert on.

  14. You can think of 10, I assume, since Australia is not that interested (except the north-east corner).

    In respect of my second paragraph, Mad One: you say I am an unreliable witness because I did not register the name of your favourite punk band. You do not consider my lack of interest in punk generally to alter this. By your own logic, if you have not registered the name of my favourite book or opera, you must be an unreliable witness. Your lack of interest in books or opera generally, again by your own logic, does not alter this.

    BTW, if an English man can be an expert on the subject of Australians, does it then follow that an Australian woman can be an expert on the subject of Britons? 🙂

  15. Mad Priest: if your lack of interest in books or opera excuses you from registering what my favourite book or opera is, it follows that my lack of interest in punk excuses me from registering what your favourite punk band is. You cannot have it both ways.

    Having said that, my favourite book falls under the category of England. You should, quite obviously, therefore know what it is.

  16. While I love my new country, New Zealand, I cannot get use to the fact that the previous night’s Rugby Union match is even the first topic for the church notices on Sunday morning. Hence I know the results of NZ vs Scotland this weekend. My new friends are aghast that I have never watched a high grade Rugby Union match even though I lived in one of the 2 states where it is regularly played in Australia. Where I grew up, only the toffs played Union. League was the sport of the proletariat. I went to many League matches in my younger days but even that does not interest me now as the news is usually of the overpaid players misbehaving. Like Cathy I would rather watch Opera.

  17. The rest of the world loves everything else and ignores opera.

    Decidedly not so! The most brilliant amongst have catholic music tastes – except for punk, of course, which barely, if at all, rates as music.

    Hey, Cathy, I ate Australian today at the Outback Steakhouse, a chain here in the US, which, soi disant, serves Australian meat. Whatever. The meat was tasty.

  18. What kind of meat was it, Mimi? … Was it cow? (ie not emu or kangaroo or any of the more exotic meats that tend to get served up in Oz eateries I’ve been in? Though kangaroo is nice, actually.)

  19. Back in the late seventies Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias performed a rock opera entitled “Snuff Rock.” It played at the Sloane Theatre for a week or so, which is where I saw it.

  20. And was it any good, Mad Priest? (Snuff Rock, that is.)

    PS so you think Frodo was shot by someone from the Outback Steakhouse?

  21. A – Yes

    B – I believe that the Outback Steakhouse is one of those restaurants where you take your own food along and they cook it for you.

  22. I ate crocodile at an Australian restaurant once. That was pretty nice. I didn’t take the crocodile there with me so they could cook it for me though. I don’t think crocodiles take kindly to that sort of thing.

  23. I’ve had bits of fried ‘gator tail as an appetizer. Good stuff, has a sort of seafood-y taste to me. Ordered it at a Pappadeaux’s restaurant to freak out my son a few years ago (tho’ I knew he’d like it if he tried – he’s quite keen on seafood 😉

    As for rugby, not my thing ::shrug:: But I’ll admit the people who play it are pretty damn tough. Make American football players look like pansies by comparison 😀

  24. I’ve had bits of fried ‘gator tail as an appetizer. Good stuff, has a sort of seafood-y taste to me.

    David, the best I could describe the taste of alligator is somewhere between chicken and fish. It’s tasty, but the idea of eating alligator is a little off-putting. I try not to think about it.