The administrator of this site is the Reverend Jonathan Hagger (a.k.a. MadPriest). He is a licensed Church of England priest but he receives no salary from any church or any other employer. At present his ministry consists entirely of his work at St. Laika's and OCICBW... However, he likes to eat occasionally and his blogs cost quite a bit of money to run. So, in true Anglican style a collection plate will always be available for your donations (via PayPal). Full accounts will be posted here each year. You will never be asked to pledge or tithe but a regular monthly contribution from you would give him security and peace of mind. Another way to help Jonathan is to buy Amazon products via his Amazon shop.



  1. Dear friends,

    I’m going to venture to say something here as the survival of the little Center I run is largely dependant on donations and I do have some experience in begging for money.

    Somewhere along the way, I realized that people often believe that if they can’t give a lot that they might as well not give anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. It all adds up – really. And so a few years ago, I started opening our fundraising letters this way: “Would you be willing to send us just five dollars?” Then I describe the kind of good work the Center does and how much it benefits participants.

    I’m very serious about this. If you can’t afford to send MadPriest fifty dollars, send him five. If everyone who reads this site sent him five dollars/pounds a month along with some of us who can manage a bit more, I’m sure MadPriest’s financial difficulties would be easily solved.

    I daresay a number of people are truly planning to send him something but haven’t yet figured out how much. That’s okay. Send him five dollars NOW and then you can raise it later if that turns out to be possible.

    Personally, I would not dream of NOT supporting this ministry (and I am not an affluent person) as it has truly helped me maintain my sanity (or what passes for that!) over the last couple of quite difficult years.

    Let’s take a look at our purchases over any given month. Find some little something that would not be that difficult to do without. Two “short” lattes a month from Starbucks — there’s your five bucks! Okay, maybe even that is a luxury that is out of the question for you. But you get the idea!

    Let’s shower MadPriest with donations over the next few days. They need not be large. And there can be no greater encouragement for someone with his current predicament.

    I know. I’ve been there.

  2. My goodness. I f everybody who visits this site on a regular basis sent $5.00, I could BUY my own church in less than 6 months 🙂

    Seriously, Ellie is spot on here. What I need to keep this ministry going is regular, monthly donations that I can count on rather than one off large donations (although surprise large donations are always a very much appreciated, of course). That way I can plan ahead and stop worrying that I won’t be able to cover the bills each month.

    I’ve never mentioned this before, but the cost of running a blog like mine, legally with all the right licences, with security, the hosting sites and broadband width I use etc, costs me about £150 a month. Whilst I was stipendary I covered that myself (Heck, no big deal, I don’t have kids – OCICBW… is my baby). But now it’s a problem. Yesterday I got back from my interview to find that all my media services had been cut off for non payment. Fortunately my wife was able to cover it this time and we were back up in less than an hour. But, as those of you who are unemployed will no doubt verify, this hand to mouth living is the norm rather than the exception.

  3. I want to echo Sister Ellie.

    I made a spiritual commitment to this ministry the week that St Laika opened her doors. I try to make it an offering on Sunday, the same as I do at my parish, but if I forget because a basket did not actually pass under my nose, then Monday at the latest.

    It is an amount that I know that I can maintain on a weekly basis. Trust me, Father Jonathan will not be getting rich, but if everyone did a small part, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, it all ads up.

    If you truly believe in what he is doing, if you feel the benefit of this community, please support this ministry regularly.


    Donating is easy to do. Painless. All you need is a bank card, credit or debit. The PayPal website is a secure, encrypted site, so no one can spy on what you are doing or intercept your personal information. You enter the amount that you wish to donate in UK pounds and update the page. When you specify the country where your bank account is held the page should momentarily update again to show the personal information/addressing conventions for your culture. Then you fill in the information regarding that account. After the information is correct the transaction is processed and you are presented with an authorized receipt which you can save to your desktop as a pdf (if you know how) or print. PayPal will also send a duplicate receipt to the email account that you enter.

    The most common mistake that folks make in online transactions, the reason that the transaction is rejected, is if the address that you enter does not match what the bank has on file. So, for an example, if your bank is mailing your monthly bank statement to your office, then that is the address on file for your account. Do not enter your home address or the transaction will likely fail. Also, if your bank has initiated an extra security step whereby the bank steps into the online the transaction and requires the security password, be sure that you have that available on hand in advance to facilitate a smooth process.