Willa Mae Buckner was born on June 15th, 1922 in Augusta, Georgia. In her days as a touring performer, Buckner was known as “The Wild Enchantress,” “Princess Ejo,” “The Snake Lady,” and “The World’s Only Black Gypsy.” Her tent show performances could enthrall any crowd.

She was a true performer, showcasing herself as a blues singer, burlesque stripper, contortionist and fire swallower. More than anything, she was an articulate, self-educated and fiercely independent woman who blazed her own trail from the day she ran away from home and joined an all-black tent show at the age of 13. Her frank wit and exotic past set the tone when she sings her risque songs.



  1. This song came from an album of songs by obscure Southern blues singing ladies that I own. But if you click on the Music Maker link (an absolutely brilliant organisation that provides for retired blues singers who never made enough money to provide for themselves in their old age) you can hear plenty more performances like this and even download some.

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    By the way, sorta off topic, thank you to the OCICBW… denizen who knows my former sister-in-law Irene (Reenee to her family) and sent her this blog so she could read about our niece Kirsten Thien. Thank you.

    Now, back to Willa Mae, one more time…

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