Last night in London saw the premier of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." Lots of glamourous celebs turned out for it and, although, of course, the readers of this blog have absolutely no personal interest in such shallow entertainment and find the lack of clothing on most of these so called celebrities actually distasteful, I think it is our duty to know the enemy, so to speak. So here are a couple of photographs taken at the aforementioned event that demonstrate the world's puerile interest in babelicious looking young people. I hate to do this but I must, for your good and for mine.

First one for the boys and some of the girls:

Secondly, one for the girls and some of the boys:

And finally, here is a hunk especially for Grandmère Mimi that is more appropriate for a woman of her years and maturity:



  1. But Rowling says Dumbledore is gay — so while he might be a great pal for Mimi — —
    Where is the hunkiest of all Harry?

  2. He’s adorable, isn’t he, Mimi?

    (Oh, if I were 40 years younger… and not a nun, of course! But then when I WAS 40 years younger I WASN’T a nun — so there you go!)


  3. Is that Emma Watson in that first pic???


    That is a smolderingly hot pic.

    I like her new short hair.

    And Rupert Grint, while most likely a really nice guy, reminds me of why I find redheaded men rather unattractive. Srsly. Red hair always looks better on women, at least as far as I’m concerned.


  4. Harry is much better-looking than Ron. Give us Hal!

    Also, if forced to choose, I think I belong to Team Kristen rather than Team Emma.

  5. In fact if love handles are the criteria, Dumbledore has to be the clear winner, wrinkles or not. None of those young ‘uns can boast them, I’m sure.

  6. As an aside, Radcliffe has said he’s an atheist, but very proud of being Jewish (obviously from his mom’s side). How can one be Jewish and an atheist? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. In the Potter cast, the cutest young thing is, IMHO, Evanna Lynch (who plays Luna Lovegood). A pretty, young lady of the highest order, and Luna is a great character, too.

    Ah to be 19 again… 😉

  8. Tracie,

    It is not hard. One need merely affirm the “tradition” claiming it arose from the Hebrew people’s experience and ethical thinking instead of from the divine.

    That does not work for me, but it does for some — especially post Shoah. It is a reaction in my experience, of those who cannot reconcile the Shoah and the idea that G-d cares for the “chosen people.”

    By the way, that picture of D.R. is not safe anywhere!


  9. True, Cathy. And not just the Jews. You are “ethnically and culturally ” Australian and yet you don’t practice the religion of being Australian. I didn’t see you drinking Fosters’ lager once whilst we were in Scotland and I didn’t see you shagging any sheep either.

  10. I didn’t see you shagging any sheep either

    In Scotland, I leave that to the Scots.

    Seriously though, ethnically I am Caucasian, culturally a bit of a mix and there ain’t no Australian religion per se. Unless you count Australian Rules footy.

    I see Ellie has answered the same question with almost the same wording I have! Aren’t we clever girlies to have done that.

  11. Wait, how did a discussion of eye candy turn into one about Judaism. Let’s get back on topic. Hermione is looking mighty fine, indeed.

  12. Goodness, that is a rather, um, striking photo of Daniel Radcliffe, isn’t it? But if the rest of you argue over Harry, that leaves Remus Lupin for me. Thanks!

    Regarding Jewishness, I have several friends who regard themselves as culturally Jewish, but not religiously so.

  13. who regard themselves as culturally Jewish, but not religiously so.

    Does that mean they are only half-hearted about being culturally Jewish?

  14. You are Jewish if your mother is Jewish – regardless of your belief system.

    re: Potter — I like that guy who can turn into a dog –

  15. I didn’t see you drinking Fosters’ lager

    Had an Aussie friend once who said they export Fosters because it’s awful. They keep the good stuff for themselves 😉

    I have to agree, mostly because I’m not a fan of light lager beer. Give me a good porter or stout anytime…

  16. I was discussing the upcoming movie with one of my students, pointing out that in the books, Harry is quite ordinary in the looks department, as are most of his friends. It is the casting director’s good fortune that the kid actors originally cast for the roles have grown up to become the beautiful people. Emma has become a stunner. Both she and Daniel are excellent interviewees, entertaining and intelligent. It’s all good!

  17. David, re Foster’s, I keep slug traps in my garden which I bait with beer. Slugs like beer – basically they start drinking it, get tiddly, fall into the trap and drown. I have seen this happen with my own eyes. A couple of times over the years I have baited the traps with Foster’s (which I don’t drink myself, can I add), and those were quite honestly the only times the traps didn’t catch a thing. Even slugs won’t drink Foster’s.

  18. Several Jews consider themselves “cultural” rather than “religious” Jews. The adorable Adam Lamberg is one of those. (Not Lambert, who is marginally attractive, not adorable).

    I will add, on the whole Ron/Harry thing that that is not a very good picture of Rupert Grint – for one thing, closeups of very tired people with chapped lips is not flattering to anyone.

    Second, I am pretty sure the ladies can cool their jets over Daniel. I don’t remember where I found the pic, so I’ll shamelessly blogwhore and give you this LINK with the pic in question being the fourth one down.


  19. I think the ladies were just lookin’ rather than anything else, Mark – eye candy being eye candy. Nevertheless I am sure you are right and have therefore crossed “must ring that Daniel Radcliffe to see if he’s free for a candlelit dinner” off my to-do list for this week 🙂

    Dearie me, I seem to be coming down with a cold. (cough cough hrrrrm hrrrrmpicturesofKatziehrrrrm hrrrrm cough cough)

  20. Abuela, you are wasting good Corona on slug traps! For the entire Mexican Nation I tell you that is insulting.

    Well I don’t know Dah-veed, slugs have got standards you know, as I was just saying.

  21. Dah-veed – really – Corona? tastes more like Coors than any good Mexican beer I like — Negro Modelo anyone?

  22. PS that joke I just made about Dan makes it sound as if I have a real thing for him. I feel I need to clarify that I don’t in the least – however I do think he is better looking than Ron.

  23. It’s not okay to like any beer from the New World other than those brewed by the US craft brewers. As a rule of thumb you should avoid anything calling itself beer or lager from Mexico and Canada.

  24. Grandmère Mimi drinks anything you put in front of her. It goes down so fast I doubt that she tastes enough of it to decide what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

  25. I like Corona but have not tried it with lime.

    It would be all right if I had a thing for Dan, Mimi, but I don’t, honest 🙂

  26. Okay, it was a slight exaggeration. But I seem to remember you drinking me under the table on more than one occasion in Scotland. And the Scots did have to send out for more red wine whilst you were there 🙂

  27. You know that I don’t need booze or drugs to get high. Music will do it; gorgeous scenery will do it.

    Most days, I have my one glass of red wine, as the doctor ordered, unless it’s a festive occasion, then I may have two.

    I drank somewhat more on the trip with you and Cathy, because you both drink more than I normally do, and you urged me on.

  28. When I am in the mood for a light, lager beer, Corona is quite drinkable. And yes Cathy, try it with lime* – good stuff.

    *(and a big plate of Mexican food on the side 😉