1. And this happened, yesterday – No wonder I feel strange. OMG – Thank you for sharing this with me. I NOW UNDERSTAND –
    BTW- What is is about Blondes??/

  2. I can make it to the end of the most horrible of your, “Where does he get them?” challenges to get my “time-off Purgatory” points, but this was too painful to watch. I couldn’t make it past 1:52.

  3. I was ready to quit at 1:52 but was lured on by the reference to the Pope and his red shoes. At 3:00 something I realized I had suffered permanent brain damage and finally turned it off. At least I know that the Reptilians won’t leave a mess when they come to get me.

  4. (1) I think they now have medications for this condition that have shown some effectiveness in clinical trials.

    (2) There was a show on American TV a year or two ago that was a bit like this. I think it didn’t do very well in the ratings.

    (3) They seem to have nice-looking, if fairly ordinary, artwork hanging on the wall in the parlor (or, if you insist, parlour) of the Home where this video was apparently shot.

  5. I made it through a minute and 21 seconds, and I feel cheated. Where’s my time off Purgtory for suffering through that much idiocy?

  6. WSJM, I’m afraid that’s a Thomas Kinkade painting. I see the light sneaking down the staircase.

    Either that or she’s in a motel room somewhere out by Barstow and Area 51.

  7. I was there till the end. You folk missed that we are all getting 5.3 million dollars.

    Good to see us Australians are in on it with our secret service thingy. (Everything is so Americo-centric these days!)

    I got a new word out of it which I can use “Banksters”. I like that.

    She’s in good nick for someone so unwell. I think she needs an brain scan.

  8. I kind of love this woman. Does she want to come to Thanksgiving dinner? I think her topic of conversation would be amu-

    Wait. I’m spending Thanksgiving with the side of the family I *like*. Is she available for Christmas?

  9. Why all the surprise? It’s just intergalactic Tea-Parties!

    Didn’t she and all her friends just vote in a bunch of Republicans in the House of Representatives?

    They are the best argument against democracy I know! (In a monarchy there is just one potential nutcase who can be locked up: in our democracy, there’s an entire nation-full!)

    (WV = Litters)

  10. I’m with Ellie. It was like watching a train wreck: you know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help yourself. I wonder how many others like her are out there…..

  11. Susan s is right; the Kinkade painting is a dead giveaway to the terrifying occult reality behind this message.

    Those of you who didn’t hang on until the end missed out on the money quote, namely, that each person who is still left alive next spring will receive $5.3 million. I don’t know whether I’ll be found worthy and allowed to live and inherit this bounty, but just in case I do, I’m working on my charity list. MP definitely gets a cut for having alerted us to this earth-shattering annoucement.

    wv = untiolog, undoubtedly a secret code provided by the Pleiadeans for those of us who are meant to survive the ordeal.

    Alternatively, it might mean “Having listened to this video to the end, I am now going to untie my shoelaces, log off the internet, and hang myself.”

  12. There is a market for this stuff. The Reptilians, HARP, etc are stories that have been going around for a while now, but usually separately. She’s managed to blend them together. Here are examples from a popular overnight radio program:

    Reptilians & Underground Bases
    Reptilians & Men in Black
    HAARP, Weather & Mind Control
    Vision of Tribulations (from the program summary: “Benjamin Baruch…said the Lord spoke to him, telling him what was to come in America: stock market collapse, nuclear attack and FEMA concentration camps)

    To be fair, the host(s) don’t explicitly endorse every idea their guests present. It’s a platform for people to speak their mind without being mocked. And they don’t make this stuff up. The conspiracy theorists and their interpersonal networks do that. But boy is this stuff popular!

  13. My speakers on my computer at home have crapped out on me, and the sound on my computer at work is very weak, so can someone give me the gist of what she’s saying?

  14. So, J-J, would I, as an outsider to American domestic politics, be right or wrong to assume that these Republicans are the reptiles she refers to her in her message to the world?

  15. Oh OK now I’m getting the gist of it.

    My speakers on my computer have totally taken an utter crap and I get no sound on anything now.

    So she’s one of “those.” Hands of Light and all that. Good God.

  16. My speakers on my computer have totally taken an utter crap…

    That’ll be the work of our fecking alien overlords, Trace. Bastard reptiles!!!

  17. Well, you know, Geeklet, this reminds me of the story (supposedly true) of the Anglican monk who was asked if he really believed in Purgatory.

    “Believe in it?” he replied. “I’m counting on it!”

    My sentiments exactly.

    (But, yes, MadPriest is certainly more merciful than that!)