"(Gene Robinson) has effectively, by proxy, destroyed the Anglican Communion, as we know it."

COMMENT: David Virtue is spot on, probably for the first time in his life and . . .

Hurray for Bishop Gene!

. . . evangelist for the gospel of Jesus Christ and bringer of renewal.


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  1. Nope, that is not the case! The people who are filled with hate and fear of +Gene are busily destroying their church as they know it. Completely breaking the rules re: territories, trying to leave and take the buildings with them, refusing to work things out etc. +Gene is the lightening rod that takes the heat, the tipping point, as it were.
    There is no virtue whatsoever in trying to live in this century, with knowledge gained from science and scholarship of scripture, to discriminate against gay people “because it has always been that way.” Every living thing is in a constant process of change in order to stay alive, what refuses change dies.
    Talk about blaming the victim! Mr. Virtue has none.

  2. The Anglican Communion was on path to terminal smugness. If the consecration of Bishop Gene and others the uber-holy think unworthy has broken the path, that is the Spirit’s leadership at work.

    But it is not true. I was there when the conservatives were talking to each other celebrating the coming consecration of +Gene as the “presenting issue” they could use to “awaken the pew lumps.” What really ticks them off is that when a lot of the church looked at +Gene and saw an amazingly competent and loving bishop they did not decide to become uber-holy haters. Praise to the Spirit.


  3. I can think of temple that was once destroyed and built back–in three days, changed, but better and stronger. Since we are mere mortals, it might take us a bit longer, but with the help of the Spirit, I do believe we will eventually get there.

  4. I don’t think Gene has quite destroyed it (there are people like David Virtue still hanging around), but maybe with a little more effort, we can complete the work before Gene retires.