I don't know, as yet, whether the bigoted, Belgian bishop got a pie in his face for the truly evil things he's been saying recently or if it was simply because of the lousy music he had chosen for the service. But, whatever, GOOD SHOT!!!

Full story at REUTERS.



  1. Beware parishioners wielding video cameras. You just know something is going to happen.

    He doesn’t seem to be a pleasant character but doing that in a service did make me feel a tadge uncomfortable.

  2. Thankfully I was not approached this morning with any pastry?confectionary based products. A Hob-Nob was the moste exciting sweet treat on offer today. Mind you baseball bats tend to be the norm in these here parts.

  3. I’m not sure what the right time and place are for getting “pied,” but I’m pretty sure in the middle of Mass is not it. While the honor might be well deserved by the bishop, but the “officiator” would have to ignore the fact that there are parishioners present who become unwitting targets. Bad form!

    I hate it when I have to be the prudish cranky one around here.

  4. You’re just afraid that your minions might rebel in the middle of a service, KJ, and that you end up with pie all over your face. We all know what a hard taskmaster you are.