Hey! We got a result and a quick one at that.

Re THIS PRAYER REQUEST, Alison will become a member of the Third Order of St. Francis.

Good news! the Formation Director feels that my head and heart are in a good place to continue with Formation. As soon as one of the Counselors has an opening (in just a month or two) I will be good to go. Thanks be to God.


Well, yes, certainly. Thanks be to God!



  1. Alleluia! 😀

    [I once tested a vocation to the Third Order myself. It turned out to be not for me, but it’s a noble calling.]

  2. Unfortunately, Mr. Cameron’s charges will work.

    Our “leadership” tends to be the kids who were picked last in games, the outcasts, and the worst thing you can do to them – far worse than just killing them – is to call them a name which might make them seem unpopular.

    Cameron is absolute bullying garbage, but his opposition – at least the official “in charge” bunch – is dangerous only because they go to pieces fast enough to kill people with the shrapnel.

  3. Sorry, that got posted to entirely the wrong thread, obviously!

    I could care less about Cameron in relation to Alison’s acceptance to the Third Order.

    God Bless and Keep You, Alison!