The following bloggers have all made the very basic mistake of putting themselves in a position where I noticed them. For their foolishness they are now consigned to THE NEIGHBOURHOOD where there is wailing and a gnashing of teeth. They all pass the MadPriest "Decent Sort" test so do please check them out.

THE HEATHEN HUB: Gurdur is an atheist with a pragmatic, insightful and, usually, quite accurate, understanding of both the faults and the good bits of religion. If you want reasoned debate (and I emphasise "reasoned") about the new atheism and stuff, I strongly recommend you check this bloke out. But be quick. Bear in mind that you may have eternity but Gurdur only has this one life to say all he wants to say 🙂

THEOLOGY DEGREES ONLINE: Behind the rather uninspiring title, Tim Dalton has created one of the best online resources for thinking people interested in all kinds of theology that I have ever come across. Go check out such features as "50 Best Kabbalah Blogs & Resources on the Web," "10 Famous Megachurch Founders and the Story Behind Them" and "50 Very Insightful Blog Posts on GLBTQ Spirituality" (Ooh, look! There's a MadPriest post). I do warn you though, you go to Tim's blog to look up one simple thing and you are drawn into checking another post, and then another post and, before you know it, you've been there for hours.

BETWEEN THE LINES: Loads of posts about politicians and vegetables (no, they are not quite the same thing). Plus a very interesting blogroll.

PHELPS WATCH: We have established this blog to maintain a watching brief on religious and racial bigotry of whatever flavor. The Fred Phelpses of this world go by many names and claim many different religious affiliations as their justification. These people need to be called to task and exposed for the hypocrites they are. Phelps Watch is here to shed the light of day on them.

The PhelpsWatch blog is seeking contributors who want to call to the bigots, racists, and religious fanatics who cloak their poison in the guise religious authority and scriptural misrepresentation. Whether you want to write a single article to get something off your chest or you want to become a PhelpsWatch contributing writer, contact us.


Howdy guys and welcome to the Blue Truck, a blog for mature gay men with news and views on gay rights, history, art, spirituality, humor, and whatever comes to mind. Plus a few hot men. The truck's all washed and gassed up, so hop in buddy, let's go.

This blog should have been on my lists ages ago. It is very remiss of me to have overlooked it. I am donning the sackcloth and daubing on the ashes as I write.


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  1. No problem, Russ. And may I just say that “Manley” is the best gay name I have ever come across. The number of different possible responses to the question “Are you Manley?” must have kept you amused all your life. I am so jealous.