I have cobbled together a service of daily prayer for All Soul's Day and posted it at ST. LAIKA'S. The music today is very beautiful. There are two famous versions of "Pie Iesu" and a setting of Psalm 23 by John Bell of Iona.

St. Laika's has also gone all multi-media. You now have the option of streaming, downloading or subscribing to a podcast version. Hopefully this and future podcasts will be accepted by iTunes and other hosting sites.

Ellie has also gone all multi-media on us over at THE ANCHORHOLD with a video and prayers for All Soul's Day.

As we celebrate this feast in which we remember those who have died, please remember, above all here at OCICBW..., Roseann, whose company brought us so much joy and whose death brought so much sadness to our community. She is resting in peace and she will rise in glory and we will all meet again in the Kingdom.

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