Religious extremists have been sending cards to elderly people asking them to pick the date they are going to die. The cards ask recipients to predict the date and time of their death and advise them to get in touch with evangelists to avoid going to hell.

Waiheke resident Marianne Taylor, 89, was shocked to receive an "appointment card" in the post last week. The card, published by, was addressed to her by name and asked her to fill in the date and time of her death.

"Please don't forget to call me on the date you're going to die, then we can discuss your eternity," it says. However, the cards do not have a contact name or phone number printed on them.

California-based Living Waters was founded by New Zealand evangelist Ray Comfort.

COMMENT: I have never written a list of people I would not want to meet on the day I die, but if ever do write one I am pretty certain that Mr. Ray "The Banana" Comfort would be right up there near the top of it. In fact, the thought of such a last minute encounter is almost enough to scare you to death. Quite honestly I think I would rather endure eternal damnation than such a meeting.


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