At the moment, only those English general synod members who actively and/or vocally support the homophobia rampant in the African churches are directly responsible for the resulting abominations. However, if the General Synod of the Church of England votes in favour of the Covenant next month, then every member of synod and every person who voted them into synod, will be personally responsible for every single injustice suffered by, and all violence inflicted on, gay people and their supporters in Africa. And, if they are orthodox Christians, as they are so eager to claim, then they must know that their casual and morally repugnant actions at synod, and the pathetic reasons for their vote in favour, will be judged by the Lord Jesus come Judgement Day (which, as you know, I believe will come).

Democracy is the acceptance of responsibility. 
It is not the offloading of the same to others.

From AWID:

A Democratic Republic of Congo bishop and lawmaker said Monday he had put forward a bill that would make homosexuality a punishable offence, as being gay was an “abomination”.

“We would like the law to punish homosexuality, bestiality and necrophilia. Morally, homosexuality is a deviation, and spiritually, it is an abomination,” Ejiba Yamapiale told AFP.

The bill comprises seven articles including imprisonment and fines for homosexuals, and will be debated by the National Assembly's committee on society and culture.

“We have proposed this law to moralise our society,” said Yamapiale, who leads the Pentecostal Church of Saviours in the capital Kinshasa.

“As Africans, we know that there is polygamy but there must not be men who sleep with other men, with animals or corpses,” he said.

“It is necessary to punish these unnatural practices, which do not fit with our values,” he said.



  1. My Goodness,

    By the standards of some of these people Jesus himself would quickly find himself on trial for his life for befriending those people.

  2. It seems that once upon a time, many thought skin color was a deviation.

    Barring the ministry of the Spirit who would bring all to reconciliation, those committing the sin of injustice will not understand their complicity until judged by the Lord Jesus. To understand themselves to be in compliance with the word of god, as they understand it, is the goal with the eternal reward. Erring on the side of applying too much grace is seen as accommodation that god cannot condone.

  3. When will the community of nations quit putting up with this nonsense? The abomination is that we let them prattle on without end, unchallenged by so called Christian leaders and heads of state. The result of which, they actually start to believe they are right. Enough, already!

  4. These so called ‘traditionalists’ ought to wake up to the fact that their self righteous, indulgent, unChristian posturing is blighting lives of real living people.

  5. What does anyone expect? This is precisely what AC-NA, Reform, and their ilk think. The only difference is that the Africans are honest bigots.