The following brilliant blogs have been added to
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. Please do check them out.

Some of these bloggers will survive this dubious honour. Others will probably close down their blogs immediately and go into hiding. Try to minimise their pain by being gentle with them (well, to begin with, anyway).

I hate doing it, but all the blogs that have not been updated for over 3 months have been deleted from The Neighbourhood. These included many good friends who are still hanging around the Blogosphere. So, if any of you decide to start blogging again, please let me know and I will put your link back up.

BENNY'S BLOG: Benny is a husband, father, and a Rev in the Church of England. More controversially, he is an Evangelical Christian who believes that homosexual relationships and partnerships should be welcomed, nurtured and blessed. He is a founder member of Accepting Evangelicals with his wife, Mel, and they beleive that God has a place for everyone in his/her Kingdom.

CHELLIAH LAITY: Jane stood for election to the House of Laity 2010 in the Diocese of Southwark and didn't win. Her motivation for standing as an inclusive candidate was to act as a voice on behalf of ordinary people like herself who wish to see the Church send out an all embracing gospel message of love and inclusivity to everyone.

PHIL'S BORING BLOG: Welcome to the Groomsville Blog: News and Views from Phil & Sue Groom, but mostly from Phil. Enjoy…

THE CONTEMPLATIVE CRISIS: Rob used to build and repair houses as a builder and often he would try to save people from their building nightmares. Now he tries to help them build their lives on an intentional Christian spirituality that engages with life, their relationships, their mind and their body.

POCKET.BUDDHA: Mother of Oliver and daughter of

The pocket Buddha is a talisman, whether the pocket is in our mind or our jeans, the pocket Buddha is there to add a touch of Zen to our lives. He smiles from his dark penny and used tissue filled abode and reminds us simultaneously to go with the flow of our lives and to keep our goals, hopes and dreams ahead of us. At least one moment everyday, the satisfaction of a project completed, the taste of a meal we managed to make without burning, the extraordinary patience we somehow managed to show in the most frustrating of times, the pocket Buddha throws us a pocket-lint sized piece of nirvana, and for that I am very grateful.



  1. I’m still unconvinced that you didn’t steal her from a maternity ward, Malcolm. I am sending CSI round to collect a sample of your dna. The evidence will tell the true story.

  2. They seem like such nice folks to be in our neighborhood. Ah well I suppose one should say “Welcome!”