This occasional feature highlights the righteous rants of members of our neighbourhood and beyond. Today MadPriest commands you to check out "Rage" by WORMWOOD'S DOXY.

I am angry with people who say "Have patience"--people who don't have to worry about being homeless or going without medical care or being denied the chance to marry the one they love. People who can afford to "wait" for justice for others because they already have all the "justice" they need.

What are you waiting for? Go read the rest of WD's prophetic words!. Now!


RANT OF THE DAY — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, MP. I’ve been fighting some demons on the home-front, so haven’t been blogging or commenting much lately–so I really appreciate the shout-out.


  2. Doxy, you are dead-on. When I read about the FRAUD perpetrated on countless thousands of people who bought homes in good faith, but were cheated by companies that forged documents, switched documents during signing, lied and misrepresented everything, to a degree most of us would not, could not believe, I am enraged because our political system will let most of these vampires walk, and probably even keep their ill-gotten gains, while millions of families end up homeless. If there were any justice left in this country, we would be seeing tens of thousands of mortgage brokers, banking officials, and investment house people doing the perp walk straight to Club Fed while the IRS takes back everything they bought with the dishonest money they stole. What are the odds….. I would love to see a court declare that none of the mortgages written by the main offenders are legally enforceable due to massive fraud, and the banks will have to eat them, or prove they were legit. They can’t find the paperwork for a lot of the mortgages, much less prove fraud didn’t exist. There have been too many stories of people being fooled or cheated, even when they were careful in demanding fixed-rate mortgages, and ending up with adjustable-rate paper. There is a book coming out soon, “The Monster”, that will tell the whole sordid story of the consumate dishonesty in the mortgage and banking industries.

    But there is revenge….poetic justice of a sort. Seems that while the Masters of the Universe were peddling their toxic brew of junk mortgages and credit default swaps, they actually made certain warranties and representations about these things….and as a result, they may be forced to buy back all the bad paper they sold. We are looking at possibly nearly a half-trillion dollars the big boys will have to eat.

  3. Strangelove–the bad part is that, even if (by some miracle) they ARE forced to eat their losses, they will somehow find a way to make the rest of us pay for them. The banks in the U.S. are already tacking on all kinds of insidious fees, particularly for lower-income folks, to try and recoup their losses.

    I really don’t know how some people sleep at night….