COMMENT: How active does a homosexual have to be in order to be considered unorthodox? Would he or she have to permanently lounge on the sofa in front of daytime television to remain kosher or is some light exercise (for example, walking  their dog to a nearby newsagent to pick up a newspaper) be allowed? I mean, I fully accept that homosexuals who cycle everywhere should be excluded from the Communion, but then such a stricture should apply to all people regardless of their sexuality. This is an ambiguous area that the primates really need to codify properly at their meeting in Dublin. Otherwise we could end up with a situation of some priests offering communion to thin, golfing homosexuals and other priests refusing communion to overweight homosexuals who won't even help with the washing up.



  1. When will Rowan take my advice? Prepare the meal, invite everyone. Those who share are the Anglican Communion. Those who won’t are something else.

  2. Absolutely. That is exactly what he should have done at Lambeth. He should have let the Bishops weed themselves out. It doesn’t take much thought to guess which group would have gotten their panties in a wad and huffed off.

  3. Oops! I left my comment on the “repost.” I guess if anyone is interested in reading it, they can look there, but I suspect many OCICBW… readers are inactive homosexuals and won’t bother.

  4. I’d like to use you as the benchmark for this, KJ, as you’re an honest man. Could you give me a full breakdown of your activity over a typical week and let me know wether you consider yourself an active or inactive homosexual. We will then have the information we will need to decide which lazy so and sos should be kicked out.

  5. Oh, at last a worthy OCICBW… endeavor!

    I, of course, will be more than happy to provide information regarding my level of daily activity for the purposes of developing an active homosexual scale. But, since such a scale would be based upon perceived levels of activity, we would need a broader sampling in order to determine the threshold of perception of homosexual activity that the average human can detect. This then would become 0 on the scale and since I would suspect that the measurement range would be huge, logarithmic units would need to be used to complete the scale. Of course, any measurement of activity falling below 0 would be considered “inactive.”

    We’re going to need data – Lots and lots of data.

  6. Well we can’t ask Dennis as all he does is sit on his backside drinking wine all day, occasionally reading a couple of pages of some book he’s supposed to be studying. And watching girls go by isn’t really very energetic, so JCF would also skewer the results. Now, we could ask that Kaeton woman – she’s hyperactive. In fact most of the lesbians could do with a daily shot of horse sedative. Yes, as long as we include lesbians and gay men we should come up with the mean balance.

  7. These conservative Anglican leaders also seem to be under the impression that Jefferts Schori is a “bi shop”. I wish there was one of those near me. It sounds a lot more fun than the average supermarket.

    wv – sodiser – one of the fizzy drinks you can buy there??? …

  8. But that’s just the point – We need lots of data. The Dennises will help us identify the “inactive” while TELP data will allow us to develop the necessary logarithms.

    Of course, as you suggest, it would be much easier to use my activity level as prototypical, thereby allowing us to judge all others based on my actions, or lack thereof.

    I guess that approach does have some appeal.

  9. Ah! In fact I took “bishopual” to be a more intensive and painful form of “bishop”. Maybe there isn’t a word for that.

    Is she biepiscopal as well as bishopual? Does anyone know? … Anglican Mainstream keep complaining about monoepiscopacy, so you’d think they’d approve of that.

    Anyway, in the meantime I guess I’m stuck with the supermarket.

  10. And watching girls go by isn’t really very energetic, so JCF would also skewer the results.

    Not energetic?! No comment.