From JCF:

First and foremost, for my friend Cathy (Stage 4 Lung Cancer, been fighting for 2 years). She's not doing well, and her indomitable spirit seems to be dimming. Please pray she is comforted (strengthened!).

(A distant) second: Yours Truly has a

{believe it or not!}

job interview on Thursday (it's at 8:30AM, so please pray Night Owl JCF is fully awake, and ready to impress the nice people at the {SPL} what a good, ridiculously over-educated, grunge-worker I can be. It's grunge-work that COULD turn into something much better, however, so I don't just see this as a survival job.) Prayers mucho appreciated!



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  1. [Aw, skittles, {{{back atcha}}}. Heartily recommend skittles’ {hugs} to any and all! :-)]

    Thanks for posting my requests, MP.

    Am really concerned about Cathy: she’s put off a get-together twice now, due to the way she’s feeling. 🙁 F@cking cancer!!! Why can’t we f@cking CURE it already???? >:-0

  2. The reason we don’t have a cure for cancer is probably the same reason we don’t have a cure for diabetes – there’s too much money wrapped up in keeping us going to the docs for treatments, so no one is in any hurry to cure these diseases.

  3. Thanks, all.

    An (unrelated) thanksgiving: Cheese has been found alive!!!

    Remember a few days ago, I posted about the fire at the DioNorCal Cathedral offices/River City Food Bank?

    They had two resident cats at the food bank: “Macaroni” and “Cheese”.

    Sadly, Macaroni perished in the fire—and Cheese went MIA.

    But now he’s been found! Here’s the story.