As Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion entered the confines of the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in the City on Thursday evening, hundreds of faithful Christians greeted him with prayers that reverberated throughout the atmosphere. The audience were more than awed by his persona. Every time, his name was read out, it evoked a huge round of applause. Predictably, he received the most passionate ovation when he was called to address the gathering. Although he spoke briefly, the Archbishop of Canterbury sought to delve on a crucial aspect of our civilisation - human rights.

“Human dignity ought to be protected at any cost. It’s important that the critical issue of human rights is viewed in terms of its relation with the right to self-respect,” he said.

And when the programme was wound up, people jostled to get his autographs and pleaded to be photographed with him.

Rowan Wiliams Superstar,
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  1. Ow!

    “Human dignity ought to be protected at any cost.”

    This is rich from someone who has been silent when, in my view, he had obligation to speak, and has fled when he should have led. Such nonsense reminds me of the penguins in the animated feather “Madagascar.”

    “You didn’t see anything!”