Barack Obama has reportedly abandoned plans to visit Amritsar's Golden Temple during his visit to India next month over fears that photographs of him with his head covered would revive false claims that he is a Muslim.

Members of Mr Obama's White House team reportedly visited India last month and told Indian officials of their concerns.

COMMENT: Poor Barack - having to choose between offending his hosts or confusing Americans. Obviously he has decided that it's easier to confuse the American electorate than it is to offend Muslims. Wow!



  1. 19% of Americans believe in spit of all the evidence that Mr. Obama is Moslem. But then 19% believe he is liberal. So it all works out.


  2. I was wondering whether we’d reached the peak of Obama’s political cowardice. Obviously I was mistaken.

    Perhaps they should just keep him safe in his house. What if he goes out in public and accidentally stands next to a Muslim?

  3. At least the Muslims have the decency to usually look like Muslims.


    You have never tried entering the US from its southern border then. Statesonians think that all brown people look like terrorists. And that all muslims are terrorists. So all brown people are terrorist muslims.

  4. Actually, they probably think all Muslims look like Mexicans. I’m sure they are more scared of you getting across their borders than the saracen horde.

  5. Obviously he has decided that it’s easier to confuse the American electorate than it is to offend Muslims.

    For someone who so disapproves of hunting, you sure like to shoot fish in a barrel, MP.

  6. “though his hosts at Amritsar would be Sikh of course…..”

    Surely that must mean practically the same thing as Muslim, right? I mean, they’re both foreign and stuff. And headgear. Head covering = Islamofascist!

    In all seriousness, sorry for my earlier remark, which seems to have led us off straight into the grumbling about Muslims that Obama was afraid of in the first place.

  7. Jonathan, one must never underestimate Obama’s capacity for political cowardice.

    He did score one win lately, though: he got DADT reinstated.

    How very, very hopeful and changealicious!