This is a real gem.

Perhaps I've been mislead by having a refined readership, but when someone says "gay man" to me I immediately think of KJ, Counterlight, Dennis and the soppy, Andrew Lloyd Weber loving Mexican. And the thought of any of them coercing a baby rabbit, let alone a parade ground full of squaddies, doesn't quite ring true with me.


The head of a law firm that defends and promotes Christian heritage and moral values thinks there would be dire consequences for heterosexual service members if President Obama, with the help of an activist judge, "homosexualizes" the military.

The Defense Department announced Thursday it would comply with California Judge Virginia Phillips's order to stop enforcing the ban on homosexuals serving in the military. That same day, President Obama voiced his view that the military's current ban is unjust and discriminatory. However, he also pointed out that he wants it lifted "in an orderly fashion."

But Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), does not think the president cares about how unjust and discriminatory it will be for heterosexual service members when the military is taken over by radical homosexuals.

"If you try to have a sergeant drilling and overseeing a bunch of young men, and that sergeant happens to be homosexual, you can just imagine what kind of coercion there is going to be," he warns. "If this ever happens, you're going to see a lot of violence; you're going to see a lot of young men leaving the military, and you're going to have unintended consequences that can only be imagined today."

Thompson suggests there would be zero tolerance for anyone opposed to homosexuality, so he thinks lifting the ban would ultimately destroy the most effective fighting force in the history of the world.

COMMENT: The most effective fighting force in the history of the world?

That would be the Romans then. Just as I thought teh gay were responsible for the Fall of Rome.



  1. Most effective fighting force in the world?

    Methinks we need to send Thompson back to his history class.

    One name: Leonidas.

    One word: Sparta.

    ‘Nuff. Said.

  2. “OK! This time we’re gonna do it RIGHT!

    “Yes sir!

    “Didn’t hear YA!

    YES SIR!

    “No Mistakes!

    YES SIR!

    Y! M! C! A!

  3. Well, that’s my point, Dennis. I seem to have such terrible role models. To be honest, you are all a bit ordinary. Nothing like the psycho gays that are trying to corrupt the youth of the world (and the American military) that I read about in the US press. It’s a bit disappointing really. Couldn’t you, at least, pretend to be a bit more evil?

  4. Awesome! Maybe if teh gays scare away all the bigots and homophobes in the military, we’ll be a more peaceful country. We’ll at least be well dressed and more fashionably decorated.

  5. Careful, Suzer. If the haters find out how much it’s going to cost the US army to buy new designer uniforms every season they will have an argument against gays in the military that’s quite convincing compared to their usual ravings.

  6. Fer hivvens sakes! Somebody tell the legal beagle that we only biffed the Boers in 1902 coz a fine china collecting batchelor called Kitchener was in Charge! Oh, and Alexander the Great – who also got stuck in Afghanistan!

  7. Oh my, has it come to pass that an Englishman, with a circle of gay friends, has missed a very obvious (if not cliche’d) reference to Gilbert and Sullivan? In a thread about military leadership, even? No, can’t be. He must have been ignoring it.

  8. Alexander the Great – who also got stuck in Afghanistan!

    Uh Oh, did someone kiss and tell?

    lifting the ban would ultimately destroy the most effective fighting force in the history of the world.

    I am sorry to have to point out that they have not done all that well in a number of their most recent wars.

  9. The Canadian military got rid of restrictions on LGBTQTS members about 17 years ago. And our soldiers / sailors / airfolk can kick the collective asses of any group of American soldiers / sailors / airfolk up to four times the number.

    And that’s after we’ve been drinking heavily.

  10. And I thought the most effective fighting force in the world was already full of gays, we’re only talking about whether they can be open about it.

  11. The recruiters for our fine fighting forces have been told to accept Gays at the offices. You prolly know this, but Dan Choi went in yesterday at the Times Square recruiting office and rejoined. This time with the Army. We’ll see if they allow him to re-up. He’s too old to join the Marines!