It's just bog standard daily prayer over at ST. LAIKA'S today. However, as with yesterday's eucharist, I have cranked up the production. So you get a nice hymn, a taizé chant behind the prayers and a song after the office that makes a credal statement I think we can all sign up to. It takes me quite a while to cobble together such complicated services as their construction involves arithmetic, not a subject I particularly shone at when young. So please, if it's only to fast forward to the musical bits, pop over and make my work worthwhile.

But for real wisdom and meat (actually vegetables as I don't think meat passes the lips of our resident religious) you must go read Ellie's posts at THE ANCHORHOLD. A daily visit to her new site will give you a good dose of real Christianity to get you through your day. It's also a place where you can discuss spirituality and all that jazz with each other and Ellie in the comment boxes below the posts.

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