You just know that a post entitled "PURPLESHIRTED PEOPLE EATERS: NO to Bullies, Bigots and Thieves at the Global South/Gafcon Cannibalism Cult of The Anglican Communion" is going to be a belter. And when it's by our good friend, Leonardo Ricardo, you know it's going to be a belter par excellence. You simply must pop over to ERUPTIONS AT THE FOOT OF THE VOLCANO and check it out.

It is you who attempts to pray, pray away your foul odorus way of your own making in the temple where you worship selfrighteousness, ignorance and greed...it is you who remain in the dark while disrespecting others when there is plenty of light that you squander by hiding decency, truth and common sense...you fight for personal recognition while simultaneously making gory grabs at other peoples humanity and right ¨to be¨ alive .


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