From Father Craig:

Our beloved beagle, Briggs, whom we rescued from the shelter a year and a half ago, has come down with an aggressive cancer in his lymph nodes. We cannot afford $3000 for an uncertain course of chemotherapy and I am honestly uneasy about spending that much money on a pet when so many human children are starving. So as I wipe away the tears, I ask for your prayers for us and for Briggs. I have never had such a sweetie for a pet and thank God for bringing him into our lives. I know we'll see him again one day, but it hurts to lose him now. The vet says maybe 6 more months...

This was my reply to our friend:

Father Craig

The dilemma about the money is irrelevant. Our dogs are all fully insured and I would never ever put them through chemotherapy. Humans can get through chemo because they know the possible outcomes. A dog does not, so every moment of suffering is just suffering.

The real dilemma you face is when to say goodbye. Briggs will tell you.

There is a God and there is eternal life.

Father Jonathan



  1. Fr. Craig,

    I agree with Fr. Jonathon. And I will pray for a painless passing for Briggs as well as comfort for you and yours.

    Briggs will await his humans across the rainbow bridge.


  2. I also completely agree with Fr. Jonathan here. When my beloved Izzy was diagnosed with bone cancer, I had her put down the day we got the diagnosis because long ago I had made the decision that I didn’t ever want an animal of mine to suffer if it could be helped. (I was told that her leg could snap at any time and she was way too big for me to lift; that’s why I didn’t wait even a day.)

    I’m so, so sorry that you’re going through this, Fr. Craig, but I rejoice that Briggs has had a good home with you for as long as he has. I will pray for all of you.