1. “Youth animator” sounds to me like it involves the skill set employed by Dr Frankenstein and his chum Igor. I guess if you used extra large bolts it could be fun.

  2. The verb becomes a noun!
    This is a curious and somewhat innacurate apellation which has been apropriated from our continental bretheren. The French (God bless’em) have for ever and a day referred to their youth workers as “animateur” and so they should. The French have a positive attitude towards their young people and take some delight in the socially funded programmes of work which are designed to educate and inform their young people as to social responsibility and such like.
    The sugggestion that an anglican diocese has such an approach to young people is farce in the extreme. the last thing any Anglican church desires is an animated young person. Youth Controller is probably a more accurate description of the expectations in this job.
    I shall contact my friend in the locale and find out.