I actually really like Jason Meadows' albums.
But what the heck is going down on this particular sleeve?



  1. Nothing in particular is going down. He’s just showing off the longhorn skull in order to prove he’s in Texas and to look adorable in the process.

  2. I really don’t like country & western music, so I’m not very familiar with any c&w musicians.

    So, upon viewing this picture, my first thought was “DAAAAAAYUM this guy is HAAAAAAAWT!!!”

    :fans self:

  3. Oh, and Joe seconds Padre Mickey’s statement. He too has been through Texas (he chose not to stay there) and he too endeavors to avoid it.

    That state just ain’t big enough for the egos of most cowboys and one Viking.

  4. That longhorn skull isn’t just a longhorn skull.

    It’s his belt buckle.

    He’s having a bit of trouble standing up from the weight of it.


  5. His jeans are pressed –IF he were born in the west, it was in a city…. and he probably doesn’t know squat about pitchin’ bales, and he probably smells too sweet when he sweats….

  6. He’s a natural guy. Instead of riding a hog (motorcycle) through the desert, he’s showing off a found object. The skulls of mammalian critters tend to be recycled rather slowly. If you nail up a cow skull on a tree trunk, the squirrels will happily gnaw on it for many years. On the other hand, I’ve seen an entire squirrel carcass consumed by ants in little more than a day.

  7. Ya know ? There really aren’t that many cowboys in Texas these days. Or deserts (ala the Roadrunner & Coyote cartoons), or cow skulls just lyin’ around.

    Matter of fact, most of us are city folks (Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas/Fort Worth) 🙂