Check out ON TRANSMIGRATION and MAYBETHINKING for two excellent videos, the first a beautiful testimony and the second quite funny for a Christian.

Joan Sutherland was never on my musical radar so there's no point in me doing one of my usual obits. But Doug has posted something tasteful and appropriate over at COUNTERLIGHT'S PECULIARS.

If I said THIS I would be in an awful lot of trouble with the usual patriots. But Sherry at A FEATHER ADRIFT can say it, and get away with it, as she is a self-confessed part of the problem.

That young whippersnapper, Lesley Fellows is being all clever again over at LESLEY'S BLOG. Those of you into churchy stuff will probably like her post a lot, and, although I don't like to encourage her in case it puffs her up, I have to admit that it is quite good.



  1. What can I say? Though it is a generality, Sherry nailed it….. Remember that 80% of Americans have never had a passport. 80% of the households in the US last year did not buy any books. The majority of Americans get all their news from television, which is, even at its best, little more than a headline service. We do tend to be ignorant of the world around us. And yes, we are coasting on the achievements of our greatest generation.

    I’m not completely paranoid, but it has become distressingly obvious that the government basically is run for the benefit of Wall Street, with all the greed, corruption, and short-sightedness that implies. 95% of the members of the US House of Representatives are re-elected with no real opposition, as the districts have been gerrymandered to keep them “safe”. And yet, if there is to be any reform in the electoral process, they are the ones who will have to do it. You can perhaps understand why I do not think it is coming in my lifetime.

    I do not know what towering disaster could possibly wake up the country and get it back on a more sane track, but I suspect one will happen if we don’t reform ourselves before it is too late. We like to think of ourselves as very clever and the masters of the planet, but our societies, civilization itself as we in the west know it, are in fact extremely vulnerable. What would the developed countries look like if the electricity failed? A total breakdown, happening in hours or days, affecting almost every place in most western countries. Only in the most outlying rural regions could some semblance of order remain, as the loss of electrical power could be accommodated. We are so lucky, and so unaware…..

  2. Um, don’t go there, Lesley (Chin Wag’s only barely calmed down! :-X)

    [P.S. You’re not just a darling, you’re a BABE! ;-)]

  3. Don’t get too carried away with JCF’s compliments, Lesley. He is the Leslie Phillips of the OCICBW… crowd. Anything in skirts doesn’t even begin to cover those he finds attractive.

  4. {Contemplates whether hitting on BOTH Cathy and Lesley would make me Official OCICBW @sshole!}


    [SRSLY, I’m not kidding: wv, “sperm”. That’s right, WV-god: TAUNT the FTMish GenderQueer, why don’t you! }-p]