Malaysian authorities said Tuesday they would not ban US singer Adam Lambert's concert despite protests from conservative Islamist groups over his openly gay performances, but would require him to tone down his act.

"Our decision remains the same. The concert can go on as long as they follow our guidelines," a spokeswoman from the government agency that vets permit for performance by foreign artists said.

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour was scheduled for Thursday at the indoor Putra Stadium in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. But his eyebrow-raising stage antics have not escaped the attention of the Pan Islamic Party. The country's largest opposition party has called on the government to cancel the "wild, lewd and extreme" concert because Lambert is deemed to be a purveyor of the Western "yellow," or depraved, culture.

"Adam Lambert has not only publicly disclosed that he is gay but he has wantonly displayed his gayness by kissing male dancers and performed lewd acts on stage with his fellow rock band," PAS youth wing head Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi said.

His concert would "destroy the morals of our youths," he added.



  1. Well, heaven knows I have no problem with the thought of kissing male dancers, but I must admit that when stage silliness becomes more important than the music and its performance, I become very bored.

  2. What does this have to do w/ the Kennedys? O_o


    “a purveyor of the Western “yellow,” or depraved, culture.”

    They call the West “yellow”? I guess turnabout is fairplay. [Except not really—esp. at the expense of their own LGBTs (who will actually face the brunt of the backlash—not Lambert).]

  3. He’s prettier without all the makeup (well, the eyeliner is okay: I have a thing for goths)- and, frankly, his “look” in the video for If I Had You made me think it was Lister from “Red Dwarf.”

    Still, he’s right – female performers, starting over twenty years ago with Madonna, have been exactly that sort of provocative onstage. The outcry is only because it’s a male homosexual performer, not a female. The bassist whose ribs Lambert tried to suck up his neck is actually heterosexual. If it doesn’t bother him, I don’t see why it should bother Malaysian Muslims.